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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monstrous Barbie-like Pinkatude

There are a few things I routinely search for on eBay in the hopes I will find the deal of the century; a few I've even set up as auto-searches to come as daily emails.

If you don't know how to do it eBay has provided a link (green arrow) to make this as easy as gaining weight on a cruise (Read: No brainer).  You just fill in the search bar and when you get the set of results your happy with click the green link, a small window will come up asking if you want to save the search and have emails when new items are listed.

(click for larger image)

I'm talking about this because I've had a long standing Filofax search for... Oh... Ever I think.  I never found anything I wanted to buy because the Filofax I had, old as it is, is really nice.  And I only had one unlike almost ever other person who loves Filofaxes.

Filofax, charmed

The leather is soft, the thing lays flat, it's got to be twenty years old and just keeps getting better and better.  Most new Filo's look like they came from a dollar store (to me) and I know they look as good as they are ever going to look.

The new filo's are not going to age like wine...  They are going to age like...  like, I don't know.  Me.

I kept watching my Filo search on  eBay but all I saw was new Filofax organizers at no great bargain and some nice old ones but again, at no bargain.  And some - OUTRAGEOUSLY PRICED!

Until I saw this pink bit of love last week...

pocket filofax bloomsbury

I was looking for a large A5 binder but I just couldn't resist this pocket Bloomsbury.

filofax pocket bloomsbury and pen

Still in the box from France, never used and with a pen.

filofax pocket bloomsbury

The leather is very nice and it will age well, I'm sure.

Filofax pocket bloomsbury inside cover

I can even use the 2005 calendar for the rest of this year because FYI...

Did you know you can reuse old calendar years sometimes because the dates/days match up periodically?  Here are some examples for 2011 and 2012


 2005 1994 1983 1977 1966 1955 1949 1938 1927 1921 1910


1984  1956  1928

This cost me $7.50 (+5 shipping US) and it was a crazy-amazing bargain!  I had to get it  and come up with something to use it for.  I've considered a few options already:

  • Address book
  • Menu planning
  • To-do list
  • Note pad for purse
  • Use it for my wallet
  • Books read/Books to read
  • General lists 
  • Birthday/Holiday lists and planning
  • Blogging
  • Pet info

I'm leaning towards using it for my daily to-do list, menu planning, possibly the wallet and also and the gift planning.  It's totally up in  the air and I've not done a thing with it except gaze lovingly at it's Monstrous Barbie-like Pinkatude.  

For now I'm satisfied with that.


randomcreative 10/2/11, 3:39 PM  

It looks awesome! It's so satisfying to finally find those long searched for items.

admin 10/7/11, 4:01 PM  

I love it - now I have to go and search for one! Seriously, this is a great find!

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