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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Greyhound Rescue

I went to a Greyhound Event over the weekend and wow, standing in a sea of waist-level noses was amazing although for Ventura it was more about a sea of  nose-level dog butts.  Which is why there are no pictures.

Amazing time and I bought a few things to support Greyhound Friends of NJ; a 2012 calendar (Greyhound's of course), a T-shirt for Ben, and some homemade dog cookies for Ginger. Oh! How she loved the cannolis!

And this... 
NorthStar vets Doody Bags

 It's a doody bag dispenser and check out where the bags come out.... It was provided by (of all places!) NorthStar Vets!   Remember them? That's where I took Taz when she was so sick a few weeks ago and where I'm taking Ventura for physical therapy soon.

I commented on the bag dispenser at NorthStar's Facebook page and they told me it's called The NorthStar Poopanion!! 

So yes,  I decided to take Ventura for the PT evaluation.  Right after he had one of the pins removed from his leg he seemed so much better, and kept getting better.  But then he started getting much more limpy and hoppy again.

At first I thought it was the cold weather and then I realized duh, of course he was better; he'd been on anti-inflammatory medication several weeks post-op.  The effects gradually wore off and now his walk is back to,  well -He will walk on his right back leg going very slow but other then that, it's up.

Greyhound Friends of NJ is one of the Rescue Organizations that take special needs dogs.  Many places won't take ex-racers, like Ventura, requiring medical treatment that can run into the thousands (Ventura's did).

Greyhound Friends of NJ maintains of list of available greyhounds (here), this is Ventura's info page (when he had an info page that is...)

Images are clickable to enlarge)

Take a look at the beautiful greyhounds on the site, read their stories and consider giving them a home with a nice, soft bed.

and maybe a friend...



Kari in Vegas 10/18/11, 3:35 PM  

That is one of the best dispensers I have seen!

Stop of by for a visit!

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