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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Filofax and food

About three weeks ago my kid said, Ma. Are we ever going to have Bubble Pizza again?  


And it got me thinking about all the things I never make because I forget about them.  Things like Sticky Chicken  and oh! They are delicious and..

Pantry chicken recipe

...Turn out beautiful without fail.

And talk about perfect timing.  I was having company Friday night and didn't know what to make but Sticky Chicken is easy and always perfect.

To help me navigate my recipe disorganization  I've added a section in my Filofax.  The plan is to keep three basic things; recipes my family loves,  the ones that are perfect for entertaining and a general list of favorites.  

filofax food section

I started the section on Thursday.

The recipes I couldn't find formatted as 3 x 5 cards I was able to cut and paste into recipe card Microsoft Word Templates. From there I just cut them and glued them onto a blank Filofax page.

Obviously this isn't something everyone needs but for me, it's a great new Filofax section.

filofax sections


randomcreative 10/9/11, 1:59 PM  

Wow, I love the organization! I am finally starting to work out an organization section for my many recipes. The chicken sounds delicious, too.

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