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Monday, October 17, 2011

e.l.f. THREE DOLLAR Favorites for October 2011

Continuing my favorites theme from Saturday; these are my current $3 e.l.f. Beeeffeff's...

I talked about my favorite dollar products on Saturday and one of those was a lip plumper (here) too.  If push came to shove I'd rank that one #2 and this one my favorite lip plumper - Ever.  There is a primer on the other side but if I'm being honest, I've never used it.  It could be fabulous, just dunno!  

e.l.f. describes it this way: The cinnamon scented Plumper enhances your lips with a subtle plumping tingle effect for fuller, larger looking lips. But there's more, my lips rosy up after using this and the color is fabulous.  A lot of times I don't follow this with anything; I like the effect so much.

As an aside, cinnamon wouldn't be my pick as a flavor but I'll keep using this as long as they make it because the effect is fabutastic!

I've purchased a second one so I can keep one in my purse.

I have several colors but the color that's my favorite is Raspberry Truffle.  For people with green eyes or people who wish to bring out green in hazel or brown eyes it helps to use and eye shadow with green's complimentary color, red.  

Not that most people can wear red shadow.  The best option for me has been warm browns but this one seems to have an extra something-something of red without screaming pink-eye and it brings out the green in a magical way.

I hope they never discontinue this one.

To follow up on green eye thing a bit...  My skins pretty fair and bronzers tend to look silly and over made up on me but this combination is very nice compact (with a huge mirror) to keep in my purse for touch ups.  The blush (which is less pink then it looks here) makes a great touch up blush and the bronzer I use as an eye shadow.  

The colors are a bit glowy without being glittery so they work on my old face (read: I don't look like an aging disco ball).  I normally use a more pink blush-like pink blush color so this just refreshes my look for touch ups and the compact, since I use it for eye shadow keeps me from having to carry too many products.

There are a few blush pinks around but the one I like from e.l.f. is called pink passion. The package is small (unlike some of the other brands) so it's a good one to carry around for touch-ups.  Definitely bright and cheerful and might be too much for some people so check out the other colors.  

I like these and am about to order another, the site says they are soft and soothing but I found them to less soft then my drug store brand - And that is precisely what I like about them.  It feels like some exfoliation is going on, unlike the five or so brands I've tried before.  My skin texture feels better to me after using the first package.

They say they take off waterproof mascara but, hm...  I think that would depend on how much you're willing to scrub so I pass on that.  

They might be too much for some people with very sensitive skin but I think these are great.

There are several colors but I love the color  Natural because it is...  And there is a blending brush on the other end.  I've worn this a bunch of times and I have only happy thoughts about this. The product goes on nicely but it's not too-too soft (where it oozes all over) and the finish is very nice.  

On me it's a very natural 'lip' color so I can add something over it or not.  The brush on the other end is great and if I blend it out I can just wear this and it doesn't look like that horrid brown lip liner some people wear...  This is the perfect purse item because you can carry it and nothing else if you want.  

I wear this alone, over powder and I bring it with me as part of my touch up kit.  It works great as an all over powder on people with light skin and its very soft feeling on.  I love this much more then I ever thought I would.  

I've tried similar products from a few brands and found they gave me a strange other-worldly hue, and not in a magical way.  More like I was channeling Lily Munster.  I like this powder, I wear it a lot.

I have a few more products I want to add, ones that didn't fit into the dollar or three dollar category but I've become a huge fan of e.l.f. in the last six months and find I use more and more of their products, daily.  

I'd love to hear your favorites because if there's a great product I need to try, I want to know! 


Babes Mami 10/17/11, 1:00 PM  

I don't hate the remover wipes but the mark ones work better for me because I have the sensitive skin! It's been so long since I bought more makeup but my birthday is coming up in December so that's when I will get some!

Alura 10/17/11, 8:40 PM  

I don't necessarily think they chose cinnamon as the flavor but rather that they use cinnamon essential oil to get the plumping effect (I've made lip balm with cinnamon oil, so I know this is a "side effect" of using pure cinnamon oil). I'm trying to find a way to get other flavors but still get the effect.

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