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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ventura's Broken Leg

Ventura's road from racer to pet started with a broken leg in February.  Once a dog doesn't race well or is injured badly (and assuming they are very lucky) a rescue organization arranges to get them.  I don't know all the logistics but it involves a long truck ride for the dogs - And many human volunteers.

Ventura's career ending broken leg wasn't treated in February. And not in March or April either.  His broken leg wasn't treated until mid-May when he got to New Jersey.   No one is sure what happened exactly but when he arrived in May he had a three month old break in his right back leg.  He didn't walk on it and I was told it was twisted and really a mess.

They took him to surgery ( Not all Greyhound Rescues take dogs with medical issues but Greyhound Friends of NJ does) and put in some pins and screws.  I know, I saw them all on X-Ray.

Yesterday I took him for his first vet visit and talked about that whole area because it's just not healing well.  In fact, it was kind of open and draining.

Ventura's Vet said one of the pins (that was actually a screw) would have to come out soon and was looking into today.  It would have been easier if it backed out on it's own but he was going to consult the vet who did the surgery and someone who does orthopedic surgery in his practice and call me back...  In the interim I waited... and Ventura waited.

Here he is  this morning waiting in a Sun Spot....

This afternoon I'm upstairs and Ben calls me to come look at his leg.

And hm, worse...

Definitely worse.

The head of screw is now coming out.

It's easier to see on bigger versions but I didn't want to make these too big for people who don't want to see them big.  This last one is a big much.

I called the Vet and he said it has to come out.  Tomorrow - Oh, heavy sigh.  I have to bring him in tomorrow morning for surgery.  I've gotten so attached to him in this week and now I have to drop him off for surgery.  

  I can't believe I have to drop him off for surgery in the morning.  


John Sealander 9/1/11, 9:48 PM  

I'm really sorry to hear about Ventura. I just wanted to tell you that the same thing happened to one of our dogs. Evidently, sometimes the area around the screw can get infected, which causes the drainage. If the screw has been in long enough for the bone to fuse back together, Ventura should have no problems. After we had the problem screw removed, our dog was completely back to normal in less than a month.

Vonlipi 9/1/11, 9:50 PM  

Oh Tracy I feel for you and Ventura!

He's so sweet. I hope every thing goes well tomorrow and all of you will be in my thoughts big time. It goes faster since I'm in New England!

Love will heel his leg (and good care too)

Valerie xxx

randomcreative 9/1/11, 9:54 PM  

So sorry! I hope that everything goes well.

Lin 9/1/11, 11:09 PM  

Oh, he'll be okay. It's like getting a new kitten and then having him/her have to go in to be spade or neutered. It's scary, but he'll be fine. Poor little guy--he's been through a LOT, hasn't he? He's lucky he's alive. I would imagine a lot of former racing dogs just get put down.

Let me know how he's doing, okay, pally?

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/2/11, 12:23 PM  

John, Yes - The vet said the area is stable. And I know its been in since may so hopefully thats long enough.

Valerie - Thank you honey! Hows NH???

Random - thank you :)

Lin - He has been through so much man, seems like so much to me. The vet did his exam on Wed and said he even had scars where there had been staples on his abdomen.

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