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Friday, September 9, 2011

A petite little flower of a pair of hips...

Another week of  Nutrisystem  and exercise completed and yep, feels good. Feels darned good...  And if I'm being honest that half pound I lost this week feels pretty spectacular too.  And for anyone who doesn't think losing half a pound is a big enough deal ... To that I say my joy at losing this half-pound knows no bounds.  

A few years back I wanted to buy a perfectly fabulous black knit skirt.  It was smooth and swingy, so soft and lovely... But a bit on the clingy side. And you see... I had these odd bulgy things round about the hip area and short of doubling up on SPANX the skirt wouldn't work so I didn't buy it.  

And you know what?  Turns out those odd bulgy things were that half-pound I just lost...

No kidding, my hips (and I still have quite a ways to go with them before they are petite little flowers of a pair of hips) are smoother, more hip-like, less like a sack of soccer balls bouncing towards the river.  

It's probably the combination of the half-pound loss and the walking which makes sense because  Nutrisystems the whole program, not just what you eat.  I went to the site looking for things to keep me moving and found three I've started to incorporate into everyday.

Wear your walking shoes - Even if you don't have a workout on tap, put on your walking shoes when you're heading out. You'll be more likely to walk farther.  (This was a hard one, everyone knows Jersey girls wear flip-flops...  Even in the snow.)

Take the high road - If you're walking, pick a route up a nearby hill. You'll gain strength and stamina.  ( This was an easy one! Even walking to my door is up hill.  I've always hated that but now I realize it's a good thing.)

Walk in place - This is especially good to do while you're watching your favorite TV show. Imagine how much you can move in an hour! ( An A-ha! moment... )

There are many tips like this on the  Nutrisystem website but I imagine just these three will boost my daily movement quite a lot.  

Who wants to try one of these and be half-pound less next Friday?  

If you want to lost weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem clickHERE! or call 1-888-853-4689

*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging and who it turns out was right about exercise all along... You have my eternal gratitude for taking away those bulgy things...Now I just have to find that skirt again!


Babes Mami 9/9/11, 6:25 PM  

Yay for a half a pound! That's great and I'm glad you no longer have soccer ball hips!

Anonymous,  9/9/11, 7:12 PM  

Great tips, I'm gonna give those a try!

@eloh 9/10/11, 8:19 PM  

And muscle weighs more than fat but the more muscle the faster the fat goes.... good for you!

simply pochi 9/11/11, 12:40 PM  

lovely tips :) thanks for sharing :)

Serendipity Handmade 9/11/11, 7:38 PM  


MharMS 9/12/11, 12:04 AM  

That's wonderful! Keep it up!


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