The Crazy Suburban Mom: The mad hatter

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The mad hatter

(click for a bigger version)
I've never had a dog that liked squeaky toys, much less liked 'em as hats.


Gina Alfani 9/14/11, 1:11 PM  

Ventura is such a cutie :) Love the photo!

Have a wonderful day . . . Gina

Margaret Almon 9/14/11, 1:25 PM  

Very House of Lords and powdered wigs!

@eloh 9/14/11, 8:19 PM  

That's great, what a sweet dog.

Vonlipi 9/14/11, 9:23 PM  

You can tell this is a happy puppy!

Lord Ventura from the house of commons.

Colleen 9/15/11, 5:11 AM  

So sweet...Look at that face! Makes me laugh! :)

Fisher and Staff 9/16/11, 4:52 AM  

Real fashion comes from those who are creative!

Christy 9/16/11, 8:55 AM  

Oh my goodness this photo made me laugh! Thank you so much for sharing!

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