The Crazy Suburban Mom: Filofax reorganizing, retro lamps and dog beds

Monday, September 26, 2011

Filofax reorganizing, retro lamps and dog beds

Have you noticed, all the new calendars are out? 

This time of year is torture for a planner/ stationary/ organizing/ office supply junkie like myself.  I can't pass anything dated 2012 without envisioning THE (best ever) solution for making my life work!

 This weekend I caved and bought some bits and bobs.   I didn't go crazy but I did get some 2012 pages for my very stuffed (Portland Personal) Filofax...


....because  there are things I need to schedule but can't schedule now.  The dates were written on post-its but it was time to move them to a permanent locale.

Standing in the planner aisle at  Staples was a bit of a sad affair.  For me planner pages are like, I dunno, Crack - And the planner aisle was pretty bare.  Staples has a venti-jillion kinds of optical mice (including some totally covered with rhinestones) but there was like one of only several types of planner pages, no real options.

If I didn't want the Day per Page they carry for my size, Tough Beans - That's all they had.  And it's a good thing I wasn't looking for the cover, cheap and cheesy about covers it. The cover section had more Pleather then the wardrobe department at an Elvis concert.

I hardly even salivated, which is rare when I'm facing planner pages.  I found some Day-Runner inserts; Week on two pages and to-do sheets that work nicely (if yawningly) for this task.

next year todo

This is inside the 'Dates' section and I've marked the page with a hot green flag.

While I was working on my Filofax, I cleared it and my Midori Travelers Notebook out.  Oh! And for all you Midori people I found a GREAT new place for Midori inserts - Baum-Kuchen - She has a great selection plus great other stuff!   I got a fabulous Japanese Home magazine called Come Home!

The quality of Japanese Magazines is just spectacular.  Period.  

Here's a bit of my reorganizing...  Decided I need another clear zip pocket.

filofax personal portland

This is my Filofax Year on a page calendar, 2011.   This has been great and yes, there is limited room but for at-a-glance checking things and notations it's the best thing ever.  It can't replace something with more room but I can't imagine not having one every year.

filofax year on a page

I keep all my sticky thing on the clear vinyl separator sheets that come with planners.  It works perfect for me.

filofax clear sheets

I got these too, Day Runner Planner Pouches; strange name really.  More of a half slot thing but they work great for things like my Eames Chair Stamps.  


And speaking of organizing and rearranging because I said I'd post a picture of these probably two weeks ago - I got new lamps for my bedroom!

new lamps

They have a retro look that appeals like crazy to me! I got them in TJMaxx and they were $35 each which I thought was pretty great.  They also take 100w bulbs which I also thought was pretty great, my last lamps only took 40w bulbs so with these it's like, Hello! Sunshine!  

P.S. Do you notice Ginger sleeping in her mirrored cubby?  Wait here's a close-up....

ginger sleeping

That's her favorite sleeping spot.

ventura's bed

Ventura, on the other hand has decided to sleep next to my side of the bed.  And between Ginger's steps and his giant pink fluffy dog bed, two retro-aqua pillows, plush blankie, his long legs and big body...  I now have to slip out the foot of he bed if I need to pee at night.

Which I try not to do if at all possible!


SNARLing: 9/26/11, 11:16 AM  

heh heh sweet! i love all your dog photos. we had a rescued ridgeback awhile back (had to put him down last july - so sad!) but now have a ridgeback puppy - 11 months -getting ready for the snip snip of the most vulgar things i've ever seen - thinking about posting pics but really they're sooo vulgar...

i've a question about your planning use - do you now use the midori just for sketchbooking and a filo for planning? i was bummed about not being able to use the midori as a planner but now they have the week per page with notes...not sure whether to try them or stick with my really very workable filo system right now. since i moved to a compact it's not as bulky to carry around and i'm pretty much digging it but still,,, keeping my options open for a bit as i haven't yet bought 2012 inserts of any sort...

SNARLing: 9/26/11, 11:19 AM  

ps - the stuff you do around the house is so inspiring. i love those lamps. we're looking at new bedroom furniture right now. can you believe that currently we use my brother's old i-just-graduated-from-college ugly-falling-apart-and-rightly-so white ikeas... he graduated college in 1988...

Lynette 9/26/11, 11:28 AM  

we have 5 dogs of which 4 sleep with us. the lab loves the lower part of the be. then we have the hound dog that snuggles between me and dear hubby. next the two lil ones under the covers by our knees. So you can slide out the sides of the bed. But the 5th dog sleeps in front of the commode!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/26/11, 11:31 AM  

Lynette, I used to have two big (maybe 65 pounds) dogs that slept on the bed. A doberman/shepard mix and a pitbull - Never again if I can help it. In some ways I loved it, in others.... TOO much!! lol

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/26/11, 11:39 AM  

Snarling - I read you blog about your dog - was that the one you were very close too? I remember that post. It reminded me of my doberman/shepard Maggie who I had to put to sleep quite a long time ago - About 10 years now, I have her ashes though, and still miss her.

I'm still sorting everything out with planning - but I think that is always a work in progress. I just switched over to the filo over the week end because the Midori was getting really, really full. And I just got the midori craft paper refil and wanted to add that too. I figured maybe I would keep that for a sketching and idea journal because I'm not totally jazzed about their calendars - they do have a new one coming out for 2012 and I plan on getting it but I'm not sure if that one will work either. This way I can stuff it more with art/idea type things and tear sheets from magazines, etc.

And yes, I can can believe you use old stuff in your bedroom - my bed is an old waterbed frame (no waterbed anymore) that I hate. Its big and bulky and a pain in every way! Except my little dog sure likes to sleep in that cubby :)))


Babes Mami 9/26/11, 12:50 PM  

You and your organizer!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 9/26/11, 12:56 PM  

Babes, Its an illness. No doubt about it

Lin 9/26/11, 9:09 PM  

You are hilarious with that organizer. What are you organizing???! All those post-its...sheesh!

Them is some snappy lamps!

Vonlipi 9/26/11, 9:10 PM  

I love those lamps! They are retro looking and new, so no worries about pesky frayed wires.

Just how cute is Ginger in that little nook? And the steps moved me to tears, no big tears but I,m definitely misty, that is LOVE!

Is Ventura feeling better?

I can,t wait for the sad clown to go from the front page of my blog too! I wanted to post something but I'm too tired and I wanted to visit my bloggy friends instead.

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