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Friday, August 12, 2011

Wrap me in bologna and call me a sandwich

Week 10 on Nutrisystem is going GREAT because I just said a big good-bye, Don't let the door hitcha on the way out! to some pounds...

Two pounds, to be specific.

Ah! Two, I'm not sorry to see you go but oh! What a time we had.  You were with me on 'The Forth of July' and remember the fireworks, Two? They were especially spectacular this year.

Spectacular, but not as lasting as those chili dogs with everything apparently. I wore those until this week.

And Two, remember Superbowl Sunday!

Those were some crazy-yummy Nachos we glommed, huh? And the beer, Two... Remember the beer?

I'm just getting back into the pants I wore that day, when was that? January?

Two, we've been through a lot you and I but for the love of all future events (holidays, celebrations, weddings, and random Thursdays) wrap me in bologna and call me a sandwich, I'm done.  I have to stop thinking that the event is the food.  

The event is the event and the food is the food.  

I'll say that again.

The event is the event and the food is the food.  

and one last time....

but a bit louder.  

The event is the event and the food is the food.  

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*This post was sponsored  by Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging. Every day they help me learn to say good by to my pounds and I am SO grateful!  Check them out if you've got some TWO's you'd like to say good-bye to* 


@eloh 8/12/11, 6:53 PM  

In the end... it's all about the food. My food is all about my end.. hindend that is. I started to diet a year ago... and I'm worse off then when I started.

I have to get this box sent.

Vonlipi 8/12/11, 10:12 PM  

Girl you hit the nail on the head!

It should be about the occasion, friends,family but let's face it it always ends up being about the food and drink.

I'm so proud of you, you can reach any goal you set for yourself, heck you can touch the sky!

You go girl! ;)

-yogi143- 8/13/11, 6:29 AM  

hello? how are you today?

just visiting your blog today (^_^) I hope you can visit mine too . . .

anyway, can we exchange links? just update me if you want and I will add you then (^_^)

Lin 8/14/11, 8:41 PM  

That is a hard concept to stick to all the time as our society continuously connects the two. After going to WW for years, I realized that we don't have to eat at the movies and that we can go out without having dinner out too. But it is a very conscious decision every single time. And NOT an easy one.

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