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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ventura Factoids

He barked for the first time today.  Greyhounds don't bark much apparently but on a walk this morning a dog came up and was all barking up in his  face and he barked back.  It was quite the bark actually.

ventura sleeping

He sleeps with his tongue hanging out.

While Ginger only needs a tiny sunspot to be happy...


He needs a big one...


But he loves 'em just as much.

He's loves Ben as much as he dislikes stairs which proved helpful...


He followed Ben to his room the other day then refused to come down for oh, let's see -  Hours.  It finally occurred to me he wasn't motivated at all to come down so I sent Ben downstairs and away from Ventura.  

It took Ventura about another twenty minutes but down he came and in my life, Swear!  I've never seen anything like it.  

It looked and sounded like a horse galloping through my house.  Even Ginger was impressed, she looked at me like, The hell?

And speaking of Ginger, while she looks like this in the car....

ginger goes to the vet

He looks like this...

The interesting thing about the two of them is, he follows her lead.  He wants to go where she goes and never in my life did I anticipate being able to walk her and another dog; I must do a video of the two of them outside, she's different.  More confident, less ... Spastic.  She's always been the dog in the neighborhood who couldn't get along with other dogs.  As she's aged she's mellowed but walking with Ventura has given her a confidence I've never seen.    

He's unsure still and will stop dead sometimes but walking with her he just goes where she goes, following.  When she walks, he walks.  When she stops, he stops....  He also doesn't like my backyard but going out with Ginger he's learning it's okay.  

It's so funny to see, like a doggie version of  The Odd Couple; two totally different souls who work well together.     


Carole Anne Carr 8/23/11, 11:03 AM  

Fascinating to hear about their very different natures. Loved it.

Tara Beaulieu 8/23/11, 3:13 PM  

I guarantee he's got a spot in her heart already, she's just showing in her cool cucumber way by taking the lead on their walks and such.

I have two cats that are seperated by 8 years in age. The old one HATES any other animals in his space. And really who can blame him? He was king of his domain for 8 years before "the small fiesty one" came along.

He is the boss, he gets to eat first, he gets the best sunning spot in the house, if a cat is invited into a bed or onto a lap, it's him (because he says so). You get the idea.

But when he thinks no one can see or everyone has gone off to bed, I catch him grooming her as they curl up in a ball together on the livingroom chair. He loves her, he just doesn't want US to know that. :)

Lin 8/23/11, 10:51 PM  

Aw, that is so SWEET! I'm so glad they are getting along. It's good that Ginger has the chance to be alpha-dog. Maybe that's what she's needed all along!

I like Ventura, but I LOVE Ginger! But you already knew that. :)

Babes Mami 9/3/11, 11:30 AM  

awww they are too cute!

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