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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Starry, Starry Glowy Night

More then a year ago I found an entire set of unused, boxed up, Royal China's Star Glow dishes at a small thrift shop with this note:

Royal China note

I didn't buy it because attached to the note was an eBay print out with a price over two hundred fifty dollars.  Some patterns are worth that, granted - But as much as I loved the atomic stars in the color of my kitchen nope! This one was priced way too high by many, many times over.

  I'm not going to get into what I think of the whole 'tack an eBay print out on' trend but suffice to say, the dishes sat there until two days ago when I went back and the note was gone!

Royal China Star Glow

Now my starry-eyed lovelies are in the sink getting a decades needed wash.  Poor babies have been sitting in a box with only dead bugs and  sale inserts from the long gone store Grants (circa 1971) to keep them company.

wt grants

There are a ton of them.

royal china star glow

Most are perfect because they were so carefully packed.


I want to use them, I intend to use them....  I just gave my other dishes away.  So why am I afraid? I feel like some sort of Vintage thrifting weenie. 

 I waited over a year for these,  now I'm askeered to death to put toast on them....

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Anna 8/17/11, 9:48 AM  

Those are great; love them!

I am not fond of people that tack on eBay prices or print outs. One local Goodwill does that, and it drives me batty!

Replacements and eBay are places I would pay $10 per plate IF I needed one or two to complete my set... not if I needed a whole entire set. :)

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 8/17/11, 12:16 PM  

Oh I hate it when they put an eBay printout on something! That was one moment in time - just because someone paid it at that moment, doesn't mean anyone else will!

Tara Beaulieu 8/17/11, 5:25 PM  

They are awesome, Tracy! Use them for Pete's sake though- I boxed up my wedding dishes (practical Pfaltzgraff) and I only use my vintage thrifted dishes to eat on now. And I smile with every bite of toast. :)

Rebecca 8/18/11, 8:43 AM  

Wonderful dishes-uses them and enjoy them each time you use them-How fun!

Coloradolady 8/18/11, 9:10 AM  

Use them and enjoy them. You will be glad you did!! Happy VTT!

Vintage Whimsy 8/18/11, 9:14 AM  

How fab is it that they were still there after a year?? That's so cool. You should totally use them and love them!! Just think how happy you'll be every time you look down at your plate and see that awesome pattern!!

LV 8/18/11, 10:22 AM  

Whatever you have use it. What good is it sitting in a box.

Babes Mami 8/18/11, 7:00 PM  

I LOVE THEM!!! You can will them to me and I will appreciate them when I'm 92 haha

C. Joy 8/18/11, 10:59 PM  

Use them, your toast will taste so much better. What if one gets broken? (What if it doesn't get broken?) Even if they all get broken you will have helped each piece fulfill it's mission - a plate used to bring food and comfort into the lives of people you love. Also, think of the wonderful memories you'll make and in years to come when family and friends see your dishes (or even just one little cup with that design) they'll be reminded of you.

Mom Walds Place 8/18/11, 11:39 PM  

Just think of how excited these dishes were to be bought, and how much they looked forward to the attention. You simply cannot condemn them to sitting on a shelf for another twenty or so years. Oh the cruelty!

CollectoratorOne 8/26/11, 4:53 PM  

Use them! I have these as well, and trust me you won't hurt them! ;-)

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