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Monday, August 29, 2011

So the hurricane...

I woke up to this. 


Can you see it?


It stopped raining just in time because that evil water bubble was about to bust all over my living room.   Someone's going to call me back about it later but until then I can't  look up, can't even think about it.

 I know I'm going to lose the ceiling over this.  

Let's take a deep cleansing breath and think about other things...  Calming things, relaxing things.

Fuzzier things.

Ginger and Vee1

Ginger and Ventura took a little snooze together the other day.  It was so cute.  

Boys and dogs

Woke up to a living room full of teens today.   Ventura yawned a great big Good Morning!  to Ben's friend Justin, it was pretty adorable.  


Judy Haughton-James 8/29/11, 12:37 PM  

I am glad you are all safe. I notice that the storm did damage to your ceiling. I know this experience so well having experienced storms and hurricanes in Jamaica. Take care and I hope everything will be okay soon.

Lyn Goodnight 8/29/11, 5:09 PM  

Actually, I've seen this before and it doesn't mean the immediate end of the ceiling. Eventually, yes. But for now, if you can poke a hole in it (have towels handy) you can release the water. You have latex paint which has "stretched" to hold the water (since latex is a form of rubber, even in paint). Let the water out, and you'll allow the ceiling to dry out. You shouldn't even lose all that much paint, though eventually you'll need to strip & repaint that spot. Good luck!

Lin 8/29/11, 9:29 PM  

Ginger looks terrified of that ceiling bubble. Heck, I would be too--that's ugly. It's always something, isn't it? Ugh.

Glad you are all safe with that wacky Irene hanging out there.

Sparkle the Designer Cat 8/30/11, 3:39 AM  

That totally reminds me of my human's old house! She had to replace the living room ceiling twice! Not because of any hurricanes, but just because the house was old and not cared for properly by the previous owner. Like someone else said, pop the bubble and drain it, let it air out - it may not be as bad as you think. Or as bad as the stuff my human had to deal with.

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