The Crazy Suburban Mom: Jeff was hanging off my screen door this morning

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jeff was hanging off my screen door this morning

At age nineteen, Ginger doesn't much like flies.  I can't say she ever liked 'em; they always annoyed her.

But at her age they startle her.  She doesn't know they are there until they dive-bomb her and I think it freaks her out.

But I've never seen her as freaked out as I did this morning. 

ginger looking out the back door1

I saw her standing by the sliding doors, I thought she had to go out.  But as I got closer I saw she wasn't waiting as much as she was riveted.  

Ginger looking out the back door 

I looked over at the door and saw the biggest fly I'd ever seen.  The body was at least two inches and it's wings extended past that.


We just looked at each other....

I'm wondering what that thing is, Ginger's figuring it's a good day to peepee in the house.

I went out back and took a video.

And believe me I looked way more freaked then Ginger did without some glass between that bug and my person.   My theory is it's some sort of Cicada


It's not going away so I have to walk Ginger out front.  Godzilla's been here for hours.... 

Cicada on my screen door

I named it Jeff Goldblum.


Vonlipi 8/2/11, 9:13 PM  

Hi Jeff! I hope you are safe and that you'll fulfill your sicada destiny!

Ginger please don't freak out about Jeff, he's just passing through ;)

Sparkle the Designer Cat 8/3/11, 1:55 AM  

Aw man, you should have sent the thing over to MY screen door, or better yet through an open window so I could have caught it and EATEN it! Ginger does not know what she is missing.

Tara Beaulieu 8/3/11, 10:23 AM  

OMG ewww. I clicked on the Wikipedia link and now I am all skeeved out. I don't care what how "harmless" they are. Their beady eyes and crunchy little legs and veiny wings skeeve me right out. I have been known to completely abandon activities because of bugs. I feel your pain, Ginger.

Dolly's Daily Diary 8/3/11, 2:04 PM  

Wow, OMG!, and I thought I had it bad today with a few flies in my kitchen, I got a electric fly swatter and it kills them asap LOL! They sell them at Ocean State Job Lot here in Ma, you may want to invest in one if those things keep coming around!!
Thanks for the laughs,

Go Green! 8/3/11, 4:09 PM  

Poor Ginger! Cute pictures of her though!

Joyce Lansky 8/3/11, 9:48 PM  

Jeff Goldblum, ha, ha. That's great.


Clarissa 8/4/11, 10:08 PM  


Ashly Star 8/5/11, 2:45 AM  

Haha, I love that you named it. And ick, I don't hate a lot of insects but I cannot stand cicadas. Or june bugs. Bleh.

Fisher and Staff 8/5/11, 6:57 AM  

Wow - I hear them a lot, but that's the first time I have ever seen one. I'm going to try real hard to forget it. Love the name, though. Makes his a lot less scary.

Ava 8/5/11, 9:07 PM  

I thought only Australia had such horrible insects ! Love your blog ! Now following xx Ava

Lin 8/6/11, 9:54 PM  

Yep, it's a cicada. They are the dumbest creatures EVER--so tell Ginger not to worry. You can grab their back wings and toss him off your screen--and it's not too scary--they just make little buzzing noises. We catch them and toss them to the frogs in the pond--they LOVE them!

You'll have to ask Ginger what's worse--big bugs or 20 feet of snow?

Gabriele Agustini 8/7/11, 9:23 AM  

Poor Ginger!!
Having to "hold it" at her age must not be easy.
At any age, really. :)
That's one ugly fly-thingy!!
And you are sooo brave.
I love Ginger's little face. Adorable.

Carole Anne Carr 8/8/11, 8:21 AM  

I'm still laughing at the naming!

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