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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Heart meltingly adorable

I can't remember if I told you how I got Ginger so here goes, in 1999 I filled out an application for a retired racing greyhound.  I went through an interview, met the Greyhound Lady, a few greyhounds and was approved.

Soon Greyhound Lady called to say my dog was picked, an eighty pound male, and he was coming up from Florida - Any day now.

About two days later Ben walked up the street with Ginger under one arm, her crate under the other; she wasn't working out in her current home and a neighbor gave her to Ben because she knew we were looking for a dog.


She wasn't what I expecting by about minus seventy pounds but the day she crawled up the bottom of my shirt and peeked at me out the top it was all over.  I called the Greyhound Lady to explain.

I never gave up on the Greyhound topic and with Ginger mellowing recently, I started thinking about someone like this guy...

Meet Ventura...

I met him through Greyhound Friends of New Jersey and took him home yesterday although that wasn't the exact plan....  And since we'd gone to his foster home just to meet him, we were unprepared to take him home - In fact we pretty much had to shove him in and than stuff him between the seats to fit in my van.

See, big as Pandora is she's lousy with seats and there's no room for a seventy-five pound dog to stretch out ...Much less  a seventy-five pound  long-legged dog with a healing fracture in one of those long legs.

 We worked it out though - On the way home we stopped at Petco, took out a seat, bought a Greyhound-sized muffin and Voila!

Happy stretched out greyhound. 

Although he was pretty happy in the store because...

He and Ben got tight


As to Ginger, she snapped at  him once and he chased her under the coffee table last night.  Once.  
Besides those two things it's a lot like this....

She ignores him and he doesn't look at her.

We have a few things to work out like, Ventura, was it necessary to mark my ottoman as your territory?

Apparently, I need to learn a thing or two about male dogs that I hadn't anticipated.  Other then that, he's  mad-sweet.

Ventura on Gingers bed

And curled up on Ginger's muffin he's heart-meltingly adorable.


Tara Beaulieu 8/21/11, 12:12 PM  

OMG how friggin cute is he?! I want a dog. Oh how I want a dog. But husband not so on board with the whole dog thing. I'll wear him down. And I bet Ventura wears Ginger down too. She'll love him when no one's looking. ;)

Lin 8/21/11, 12:35 PM  

Okay, so Ventura is cute and all, but he's no Ginger. And I have to side with my girl on this one. Do I have to make a blankie for Ventura now??? :) I hate for Ginger to have to share her blankie.

Hugs, Ginger!! I got your back! If you need to come live with me, you can. Just don't go all Chewy Louie on me like Sammy the Weiner Dog did this week. Ugh.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 8/21/11, 1:03 PM  

Tara, With Ginger I'm happy with her being okay, loves too much to ask for.

Lin, Not to worry, that is her downstairs muffin and he slept on it at night - she uses it during the day. At night she sleeps upstairs in bed! During the day he seems to like the bigger one. No idea why...

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 8/21/11, 3:50 PM  

He is cuteness! What a lucky doggy :)

Vonlipi 8/21/11, 9:13 PM  

OMG I'm all fer klempt and my heart is full of love for all of you: Ventura, Ginger, Tracy and Ben.

I wish we could adopt a greyhound as well but we are not really at home so we wouldn't have time to take care of it right now. But it will happen one day I'm sure.

Ventura needs to realize that Ginger is the queen and he's just a low life slave....

Mom Walds Place 8/23/11, 7:52 AM  

I'm the kind of dog person that loves to watch other people have dogs. I am looking forward to living vicariously through you and your exercise buddies. Nice photos BTW.

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