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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Easy Listening....

This is not a high energy group.  Ginger, for example, has the gusto of damp paper.

Napping Ginger

And Ventura ...

Peace and quiet

... Is also about getting shut-eye.

As you can see they are both prepping for the Olympic Synchronized Nap Team (2012...)

So far I've only found two things that faze Ventura; my backyard for which I've found no solution and thunder- For which I have.

Ventura loves the Easy Listening Music Choice station (1838)  on Verizon FiOS...

He really gets his mellow on for Burt Bacharach. Thought you might want a heads up on that with  Hurricaine Irene coming this week end.

Burt seems to do wonders, just FYI....


dddiva 8/26/11, 12:36 PM  

So cute- One of our dogs, Lady, looks like a dead doggie on the highway when she sprawls out to catch her z's. Another tucks himself in with his head on the pillow. :D

Colleen 8/27/11, 7:42 AM  

We have two Min-Pin's...One we had since she was a puppy and one is a rescue. We love them so very much! Your's pups are just beautiful!

I have a question for you. Do you find your sponsor ad with Entrecard is worth your money? I'm considering it, but don't know if it'll create the traffic I'd like to see.

Thanks so much and I love you "babies".

Lin 8/28/11, 11:30 PM  

I hope you guys are okay in that hurricane! You'd better crank the Burt for the whole east coast! EEEK!

Ventura's colors are Beautiful!

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