The Crazy Suburban Mom: Vintage button SCORE! thunka-thunka-thunk....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage button SCORE! thunka-thunka-thunk....

Last night I saw an offer come through Freecycle for a 'bag of buttons' and I was on it like well, I was going to say like Ginger on a new muffin but I got her a fabulous new AQUA soft-as-a-bunny muffin last night and she's having none of it...

gingers bed

Doesn't even want to touch it.

She prefers the one I pulled a tick off last week. So I was more on the button post like Ginger on an old muffin.   

I wrote back asking for them, never thinking I'd get picked - But I did.   Reality set in and I didn't want to get my hopes up because I've driven pretty far  for  something called  'a bag of buttons' only to find a snack-size ziploc containing 17 shirt buttons and a tiddlywink sitting on a porch.

But....   I also got a button box once; the genuine article.

004 - Copy

I posted (here) about getting it oh man,  more then a year ago, I think.  And that kind of SCORE! makes taking a chance so worth it.

When I  saw the bag this morning it was like the Heaven's opened up and buttons fell out.  No lie.

 Look down at the buttony love crammed  in a humble grocery bag....   

freecycle button SCORE!

Could ya die?

Or at least have a string of heart palpitations ... thunka-thunka-thunk....  that would leave you breathless for an hour?

 I did.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife 7/14/11, 1:07 PM  

Score! My Freecycle never has buttons, so I can't even complain about getting 17 buttons. lol

Lynette 7/14/11, 1:10 PM  

major score....lucky gurtie!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/14/11, 1:20 PM  

Storm, the first one I got was a result of me posting and asking - you never know!

Lynette, I'm verklempt!

GardenofDaisies (Gayle) 7/14/11, 2:40 PM  

Oh Wow! Your really hit the jackpot! I love buttons too.

LV 7/14/11, 4:42 PM  

What a big button collection you have. Lot of people that sew would die for them.

Lin 7/14/11, 8:47 PM  

What do you do with all those buttons?? I'm tellin' ya--I swear my mom has one or two button tins in her basement. I might have to tell her about you, but I don't want to add to the collection.

The old muffin is worn in just right.....why would she move??

randomcreative 7/14/11, 11:18 PM  

I haven't seen buttons on my Freecycle before either, but I'll keep looking. Very jealous! Awesome score.

Omi S. and her dog, Bender Oak Cannon 7/15/11, 2:43 AM  

Found you off Vintage Thingie Thursday! Way to go on the Button find, I'm jealous as well, lol. The last stash of old buttons I found took me 2 years to go through half of them. Now that I do more crafts that actually use buttons, I'm dying to make a score as awesome as yours. Thanks for sharing!

Imy 7/15/11, 12:07 PM  

OMG That is my biggest phobia, its making me want ot wash my hand just looking at it :-(

Babes Mami 7/15/11, 1:21 PM  

freecycle ere never has anything good!

viridian 7/15/11, 8:38 PM  

Thunky-a thunk indeed. I will still jhope for a stach to add to my grandmothers....

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