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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The shorts ban

Another week on Nutrisystem brings me closer to my goal and Whoopeedoo! for that, I'm about as sick of being overweight as I've been sick of anything in my life. One more pound gone that I never have to try to zip my pants over, one more pound that I never have to look at again.  One more pound that won't be whispering in my ear, Go back to the buffet, left some food there, go baaaack!

I don't what's up with the whispering fat but the more I lose the more I'm motivated to continue. 

Plus I'm just done - I don't know if it's the heat this year that's driving it home but for the love of all things humid, I'm so done.  I want to wear shorts.  Hey, I want to feel like I deserve to wear shorts.  And I don't.

 About a week back the heat index topped 118 degrees F ( 48 degrees Celsius ) and I wore long (jeans) pants because  the  only thing worse then that heat is dealing with that heat and worrying that my legs look like sweating sausages poking out of shorts.

And don't even start me on chafing...


For me, it's not even about looking stylish, although that would be nice.   I just want to wear a pair of shorts.  I want to leave the house on a hot day and feel...  I don't know, like everyone else does when they put on a pair of shorts which is cooler, I guess.


Okay, you know what guys....  I need to go buy shorts just on general principles, for some self-esteem... And (clearly) for my sanity about now.

That heat fried my brain like an egg.

The shorts ban; my whole protecting  the world from my huge legs is so over.  These are my legs not Medusa's head...  No one will turn to stone if I go outside in shorts when it's hot.

Well, okay not if I shave my legs anyway...

Short's update coming soon.  

If want to want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click the picture below of  last night's dinner. Check out the website for the Summer Sale!  

Or call 1-888-853-4689

*This post was brought to you by some pending shorts and by  Nutrisystem who is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging.* 


Carole Anne Carr 7/30/11, 7:38 AM  

Well done you! I've thrown caution to the winds too and at my age that's something1

Vonlipi 7/30/11, 11:27 PM  

Ok now listen to me girl! Go and buy yourself shorts! AND WEAR THEM!

You are nowhere as fat as you believe, live a little and let loose and rock those shorts!

YOU CAN DO IT! I know you can, you are a rock and you are beautiful!

The Coupon Sista 7/31/11, 8:18 PM  

I'm sure you'll look just fine!

Lynette 8/1/11, 7:32 AM  

Sorry dear, but with this Texas heat....piss on what people think. I live in shorts!

Tara Beaulieu 8/1/11, 10:50 AM  

I hear you, and feel you. As a nice alternative, I bought a bunch of these jersey knit skirts from Old Navy that are super soft and comfy. They come to about my knee, they have a fold over (stretchy) top- read: no buttons or zippers and people tell me constantly how flippin cute they are and ask where I got them. Just something to think about! :)

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