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Friday, July 15, 2011

Nutrisystem is tangible support wrapped up in a big warm, fuzzy

 That herniated disk in my lower back slunk back to where ever it's goes when it's not torturing me.

 I'm not in (a lot of) pain anymore and officially (Today!) am back to feeding myself full time instead of being at the mercy of what my family carries up to me.  Hopped myself on the scale a few mornings ago, horror show that it was, but C'mon...  Really?  ...up 5.8 pounds?  I shouldn't be surprised because how many calories of random can you burn turning a heating pad on and off  for two weeks? Even if I add the caloric burn from incessant whining ...

I've been here before and quit.

But not this time.

What I'm doing with Nutrisystem isn't a diet; it's my life.  What I see on the scale isn't my mother telling me I was bad, it's my life.

So, okay stepping on the scale this week was about as much fun as stepping on a rusty spike, but eh, that's what putting a mental period in your life and moving on is for.  

I know moving on is hard but that's where support helps and  Nutrisystem excels in that department, there's so much support and I don't mean just other people doing the program; I mean Nutrisystem itself.  Nutrisystem is on Twitter and Facebook and, of course, at their own site at the forums.

And then there are those Nutribears...  I got one this week.


I  had a total weenie-meltdown when I opened the package.  When I was nine I lost my best friend and security blanket, a stuffed brown bear.

 He was (cough) 'left' in a hotel across the country. When I realized he was gone, I begged my parent's to write the hotel but they said the hotel already threw him out.  My theory is they were more then glad to be done with my ratty bear because (at nine years old) I still sucked my thumb but only when I had my bear.

I checked the mail every day for a long, long time because he had to come back.  He never did.

So getting my Nutribear brought all that stuff back but in a kind of good way.   I can stop waiting for my bear to come in the mail because today Pound came.

The Nutribears
come when you reach certain milestones and getting this one made my inner nine year old really happy.  Pound is tangible support wrapped up in a big warm, fuzzy and he came on the perfect week. 

 Sometimes the little things pack the biggest wallop   

If want to want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click the picture below.  It's last night's dinner. 

Or call 1-888-853-4689

*  Nutrisystem is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging.* 


Lynette 7/15/11, 6:07 PM  


Lindalou 7/15/11, 6:48 PM  

How cool is that you you got this bear to highlight your milestone. It does sound like they have a great support system.

And how wonderful...after all this time to have a bear arrive in the mail. Very special.

Babes Mami 7/15/11, 9:15 PM  

Congrats on your bear!

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