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Friday, July 22, 2011

Nutrisystem, Barbie and cheese puffs

The Nutrisystem Mindset Makeover is the behavior modification part of the plan and I'm on Week 7 (Eating Out, Eating Smart - How to safely dine out).   For me, it's the backbone of the plan.  No, wait - It's the neck.

Getting my  food delivered is the brains of the plan because it's brilliant.  I'm learning what to eat, how much to eat and even how often to eat.  Who knew it was a bad idea to starve all day and eat all night?

  Okay, I knew that.  

Everyone knows that but having a months worth of food show up at my door drives home that a body needs twenty-eight breakfasts in twenty eight days.

The Mindset Makeover is the neck because it turns Barbie's, I mean my head in the right direction.  Without a neck my head would be wobbling all day long from one unfortunate food to another; morning fat and oh! So sweet coffee creamers, drive thru burger places spewing beefy smells at lunch and crunchy orangy cheese balls at midnight.  

It's the neck's job to turn my head and say, Back away from the Drive-Thru, Buckwheat.  

And that's what the Mindset Makeover does...  

When  I can't tear myself eyes away from something on the menu  and I start getting wrapped up in how much I want whatever it is I will regret later the Mindset Makeover Lessons turn my head towards better choices.

Wait, I think I'm missing something....



There is a metric ton (low calorie, of course) of support available from Nutrisystem.  You can reach them on their website forums, Facebook and Twitter - And they talk to you, try it!  I   that!

Barbie's sun glasses are the support part of Nutrisystem that tone down the glaring rays of especially delicious looking tidbits in the event I tell my neck to shut up and need to call for back up.

It happens.

This week I've undone some of the damage from being in bed for two weeks, lost a pound of the 5.8 gain.   I hoped it would all be gone but I've just started walking again.  Because the weather is, Really? Can air be this hot....

...I've been mall walking.  I hope it gets cool again, I keep coming home with bags of stuff.  I'm not supposed to be stopping to shop...  It's not nearly as aerobic.

Maybe that's why I only lost a pound.  You think?

If want to want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click the picture below.  It's my favorite snack.  
I know for some people it's all about the sweet desserts but for me it's the cheese puffs, man.  

Oh! If the phone works better for you, call them  1-888-853-4689 they would like that.

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*This post was sponsored by my love of  Nutrisystem cheese puffs.  If it was up to me I'd eat them morning, noon and night.  Nutrisystem, who is is providing me with the food, and program materials in exchange for blogging, is teaching me moderation in all things - Even cheese puffs.  * 


Babes Mami 7/23/11, 6:23 PM  

I do workouts on netflix and then sunday nights Nate and I walk up to Chris' job. I saw 'The Firm Express' on an infomercial the other night and had Chris download it. I did the first one today, I was sweaty and out of breath but they change things up so quickly that you don't really realize that you've been doing it for as long as you do.

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