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Monday, July 4, 2011

My back is Sigorney Weaver's BFF

The moral of this story is at the end but the short version is I'm going on spending diet for July.  Here's the long version....

 I'm stuck in bed until my back quits trying to make it's way out outta my body à la Sigorney Weaver's Alien BFF so I've organized, reorganized, and in the case of the junk drawer did a complete reno on, anything mildly cluttered within reach.

I started with my purse.  It's too heavy and if I can cull some things my back will thank me, right?

Thought I'd change my purse so snapped a pic first

I dumped out the contents of my favorite  J Jill bag, went through it and decided nope!  I don't carry nearly enough. So, I transferred all the above plus ten more pounds of absolute necessities to a behemoth  Vera Bradley Tote that I rent out  on week-ends as a moving van.

ginger and vera

It's twice the size of Ginger.

Knowing my purse is even worse then before I started - I'm stumped.  I have no explanation as to why I need to carry more.  I'm going with pain killers and calling it a day.

Next!  The nightstand junk drawer, something I've been avoiding for years.  


It opens now.

Next I did my headboard, ish.    Headboards are flat and if you sit against them, you can read.   Hence the board part of the word, headboard.  I can't sit against mine; it's mostly air, accumulated debris and unusable space.

Hence the ish.

niche behind bed1

Every attempt to spiff n' span the thing fails in like twelve hours.  Plus hate the color, hate the wood (ish) but mostly hate the cubby's and shelves which are packratean nightmares.  There is one big area in the middle and shelves on either side.  I'd take an axe to the thing except...

ginger on pillows1

At night Ginger steals all the pillows and sleeps in the big middle area.

Thanks to the pain meds I did some shelves that were a few feet from me.


When I took the pictures I realized I have multiples of almost everything, in some cases more then I want - In all cases more then I need.

Which brings me full circle to the beginning of this post  - A spending diet.   After finishing the shelves and listing several items on Freecycle, I sat down and looked at everything I was giving away, throwing away plus where the heck was I going to (neatly) put what I was keeping?

There are five hand lotions by my bed, and those are just the five that I like  enough to keep by my bed, there are tons of others - liked and unliked - in various locations.   

niche behind bed1

So my plan is to....

Make a plan.    First.

I have to think this through because I need to organize what I have in order to know what I need (for a change).   Trying to organize without thinking it through has been my downfall so I'm going to think about it all before I do anything.

And since I need to buy some things during the month (I'm talkin' toilet paper for one) I'm going to make To-Do List and a To-Don't List for starters...

That's it for now, it's a work in progress but I'll be interested in how much money I can accumulate by August....   

Has anyone done anything like this before?  Got any suggestions or want to try this out with me?

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Theres just life 7/4/11, 10:31 PM  

All the lotions you don't like throw away. I know its a hard thing to do. Just pretend you are moving and you would have to carry them yourself to the new place. That makes it a little easier. If your like me you will find you multiples of things, get rid of the extras or combine them. If the lotion is changing color, throw it out.
Better yet let someone else do it and not tell you. If you don't know its gone you wont miss it, yet.

Pamela Jo,
your friendly neighborhood rackrat...

Babes Mami 7/4/11, 11:13 PM  

I have lots of lotions and nail polishes around, I use the baby as an excuse, he really likes lotion too and we need several kinds around for different dilemmas.

Lin 7/4/11, 11:35 PM  

I toss things out after a year if we aren't using them. I know the lotions are hard to part with because they are expensive, but those things go bad, you know.

I can't believe all the crap in your purse!!! I keep thinking about Mrs. Potato Head in Toy Story packing Mr. Potato Head for his adventure....

"And here's some monkey chow...."

Gabriele Agustini 7/7/11, 12:02 AM  

I loved this post! HA!! I end up being sensitive to most of the lotions I buy, but STILL have a hard time tossing them out!! When I finally bite the bullet, I give them to my friend, who has no allergies.
Good luck ~

unicorna 7/10/11, 11:42 AM  

Oh that is such a difficult area for me. Anything that involves organizing, cleaning or putting things in place is my ultimate nightmare. By the way your room look very tidy compared to mine.

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