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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leather bound dreams

There's only so much you can clean and organize from the discomfort (Read: Ow, my back!) of your bed so I've moved onto more of a planning phase.  

The Independence Day Purse Clean-Out was an epic #FAIL! but it did drive home something I kinda sorta already know - I'm pretty scattered.  Scattered works for some people but it just makes me nervous.   I need some way to tackle it, hone down things.  Focus.

If I were mobile at the mo' I'd make the kind of dream (vision, goal) board you hang on the wall and stick stuff too but for now I'm using my Midori Traveler's Notebook.  

midori travelers notebook

My notebook has potential as a dream board, although I guess I need another name.  It's always with me, I like holding it and love looking at it.  

A peek inside my Midori Traveler's Notebook

You can stick anything in there, it's a breeze.   Everything slides in or out, under an elastic band. Unless I reach maximum elastic limit there's nothing I can't stuff in there (or remove easily).  

A peek inside my Midori Traveler's Notebook

This (above) is a folded up bag from the post office.  It's in there because I like the crunching sound it makes when it moves.  My kid is continually amazed at how ridiculously small things make me happy.

I think happiness is in the small stuff.

A peek inside my Midori Traveler's Notebook

These Eames Chair Stamps came in my crunchy bag.  They make me pretty happy too.

I keep fun things in my Midori Travelers Notebook

Perfume tear sheets make life smell better and remind me about scents I want to try (should I go off my spending diet).

Midori Travelers Notbook, inserts

There are some great pre-made inserts available to help with my organization.  This is the first time I've had a place for business cards.  

Midori Travelers Notebook Inserts

My Barbie checks slide inside too.  This keeps me from having to carry a large wallet.  And Barbie loves her stylish new leather digs.

Midori doodles

On the blank pages I can doodle; haven't doodled for years.   I forgot how mad-therapeutic it is...


The two-month undated insert could work for general lists, affirmations, to-do's ( and Ta-Da's!)

travelers notebook

Being a practical dream board, um dream thing, it's got a calendar.

midori and ginger

And being impractical, after all this is about dreaming, I slid in this ad for Tiffany Handbags Oh! Tiffany, you plus purses is so not fair.  You're killing me.

PS - anyone have a dream board?


Rori 7/5/11, 1:44 PM  

I LOVE how you have yours all stuffed! I want one of these so badly :O( Thanks for the post!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/5/11, 1:52 PM  

Rory, I read your blog (and watch on youtube) because I covet your planners! I think there are people who just love things like this. You know what I mean? I found you on Youtube searching for filofax videos, I can't get enough of those videos. I only have one filo and it's the personal size - Ive always thought a5 would work better for me but sheeesh, money. Plus maybe I'll just want another! There really is a lot to be said for the travelers notebook - Theres a link in the post to a place you can order them - They are so customizable. Plus the leather is so nice - I bought my filo 15+ years ago and the leather on all of them was so nice - now a lot of them just feel cheap and junky to me


Heather 7/5/11, 1:55 PM  

I just love this!! And small things create tons of joy for me, too. I need a new planner!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/5/11, 2:00 PM  

Heather, I love new planners :)

Unknown 7/5/11, 7:02 PM  

MUST. HAVE. THIS. I swear, if I ever got a job in a planner store, I'd never bring home a paycheck... just sayin'

Lyn Goodnight 7/5/11, 7:06 PM  

Unknown? C'est moi, Lyn Goodnight! (hopefully this time my name shows).

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/5/11, 7:14 PM  

Lyn, I'm very much like this. Have you done a google search for 'filofax blogs' oh boy. There are some AMAZING filofax blogs out there because there are so many different kinds.

Nice to see you here :)

Maybe we should open the store together!


Vonlipi 7/5/11, 8:37 PM  

You should consider a purse with wheels! You have a lot of stuff in there, lol!

I really like that you use your organizer as a dream board. Those work on so many levels, it's crazy!

Lin 7/6/11, 11:11 PM  

Is that an organizer or a dresser???! I don't have one of these things--but I don't save a lot of little stuff. But I do agree that it is the little stuff that matters.

bbtoo 7/9/11, 1:43 PM  

Hi there I've added your link to my blog. If you don't mind can you do the same for me please? Thanks so much. Have a great weekend

Colin 7/13/11, 2:40 AM  

Take a look at Patrick Ng and his blog called Scription. He is in Hong Kong, is heavily into Traveler Notebooks and is an inspirational photographer too. Tell him I sent you!
Love Colin in Margate UK

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