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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I was there, now I am here....

 I've got so much to post about but it's hard to get past- Ow, ow, ow, ow! My back, my back but I'm going to try and focus so I can do a  Nutrisystem update.  I've been mostly in bed for a week; in a perfect world my food was prepped by a butler and carried to me on a be-rosed silver tray.

 Reality wasn't so perfect and what I ate depended largely on whose turn it was to hear me whine. 

 Helllllllooooooo,  I'm hungry up here .... Hey.    I hear you breathing, you're not fooling anyone.

Someone handed me meals (that they were handed); when I'm sick the take-out places rejoice.

Exercise.  I've hardly moved in days and stepping on the scale - Assuming I could - would most likely aggravate me.  In the past there would have been some huge drama involved in this week.

Nutrisystems's Mindset Makeover has given me perspective about the scale and insight into the big dieting picture. 

I used to see my place in the grand scheme of diets like this...


Now I see there's much more then a scale going on...


.  What I learned is, eating right  is more then hopping up on a scale and reading  numbers while I cover my eyes.  And it's definitely more then being rewarded or punished.

Whatever those numbers are. 

And I'll  learn the lessons until they are no longer lessons, but my life.

And if another week (or a day or a meal)  doesn't go as planned for whatever reason then the next meal, or day, or week will because  it's like this - If a person breaks a plate they say, Ooops.

They don't say, Might as well break the rest of the set! and hurl plates, cups, and bowls against the nearest wall until every last piece is in shards.

And I won't do that to myself either.  

If want to want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem click the picture of last night's dinner below.

Or call 1-888-853-4689

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*  This post was brought to you my metaphorically intact set of china.   Nutrisystem is providing me with the food and program materials in exchange for blogging.* 


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