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Monday, July 25, 2011

And with one word....

Did you ever have a single word change every thing?

See these slippers....


They are perfect and not just 'cause they are aqua...

Although it helps. But no, not just 'cause of that.  They are so much more then just aqua; they're comfy and cozy and soft and girly ....And a bargain! Three dollars on clearance.  C'mon.  

So I showed my son who popped my whole happy slipper bubble with, looks like they got scrotum, Ma.


Thanks Ben.  

Thank you so much for pointing out that my sweet feminine slippers have a manly package.   Now how do I forget that....


Tara Beaulieu 7/25/11, 4:33 PM  

Tell him it's a running theme. Don't you have a scrotum tree in the backyard? ;)

Ashly Star 7/25/11, 6:38 PM  

At least he didn't say they have "blue balls" lol. Kids say the darnedest things. ;)

Vonlipi 7/25/11, 10:03 PM  

Don't let Ben's sense of aesthetics ruin the join of a good aqua bargain.

These are super sweet!

Boys will be boys....;)

Vonlipi 7/25/11, 10:04 PM  

It's joy and not join! LOL

The Crazy Suburban Mom 7/26/11, 7:52 AM  

LOLOLOL, everyone!

I feel better bout my slippers now :)

Lin 7/26/11, 8:00 AM  

Well, you could neuter them.....

Ruth 7/26/11, 9:13 AM  

What's that saying about men thinking about sex every seven seconds? He's just being a typical example of his gender. ;-)

1stopmom 7/26/11, 4:01 PM  

I did not even notice that, lol. The look very comfy for $3

Pearl 7/26/11, 5:33 PM  

your son is funny! i like your slippers:-)

Maureen 7/26/11, 10:10 PM  


Maureen 7/26/11, 10:12 PM  

OMG...I just noticed that you have a favicon! I have fiddled and fiddled but I can't make it work!

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