The Crazy Suburban Mom: And then the bumper fell off....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And then the bumper fell off....

My back's not killing me anymore; now my cars are.

I could stop right here.

1. My Back -  Over the last few days my back decided to quit the really loud howling.  I haven't taken anything for pain and I am slowly making my way through two weeks worth of undone house cleaning.  After cleaning it's hurts a little more but it's not worse overall, if that makes sense.


Ginger is confused by all the cleaning and thinks the world was a much  nicer place when we were laying around in the big bed.  Yeah me too sorta but look at what was on the floor.

libman wood

Ginger doesn't much care about filth, she found that floor mighty tasty.  I went outside and hosed my feet off after realizing what I'd been stepping on.  

ginger on chair

Ginger didn't want her feet washed..

2.  The Printer's Tray -  I've wanted one of these forever and finally found one the day of the giant rat doody hoopla (here) at a thrift shop.   Yesterday I cleaned it up and found a spot for it.

printers box up

I think it will be okay there...  Undecided.  My big fear is it will get knocked over and a million teeny things will fall out.
printers box
I've got a few shells and Cape May Diamonds * (explanation at the the end of the post!) in the cubbys.

ptinters box1

Love the color of the wood.

ginger at window

 Ginger wasn't interested.

3.  The Cars -   One's in the shop not getting fixed; a $4500 repair for a car with 150,000+ miles is about $4400 too much.  And Pandora - Well, she's in another shop.  She was the designated car shopping vehicle yesterday and about two seconds after driving into a Toyota dealership and seeing how many MPG a Prius gets she wet herself silly.  

  That big ol' van peed like a nervous Yorkie. 

So had her sorry self towed to the dealer last night.  

One car left and it's my kids car; he had to get his front bumper put back on last week - The thing was hanging by a rusted nut or bolt or something and my son had no idea why, one day it just fell off.  

And that car's the best one we got.... 

* Cape May Diamonds  are quartz crystals found on the beaches of Cape May, New Jersey. You can find them by sorting through rocks and bits of washed-up this and that.

Cape May diamonds are quartz crystals that originate in the Delaware River.  The  rapid river currents tumbles and smooths them.  The best place to find them is Sunset Beach and there is a gift shop there if you want to check it out, Sunset Beach Gifts.


SusieQT 7/12/11, 11:01 AM  

Oh I feel your pain on the cars- our "newest" one is 12 years old with 100K, and they only go up from there. The 14 yr old daily driver with 185K is starting to make a funny sound which might be a $2000 repair for a $1200 car....

Maureen 7/12/11, 12:07 PM  

Oy vey - I've been out of the loop but dealing with car crap is very familiar. It's always some damn thing.

Sorry to hear about your back.

Carole Anne Carr 7/12/11, 5:06 PM  

I live with someone who is never free from back pain, and never will be, so I do sympathise.

Loretta 7/13/11, 1:12 AM  

Just wanted to tell you that I "feel your pain" about the cars...but these last two posts have been HILARIOUS and made me LOL. Your writing is very clever! Keep up the good work!

Loretta @

Lynette 7/13/11, 3:42 PM  

In order.....
YEAH! their products and social site reps.
I love the printers cubbies...have two small ones that I keep things going up on. Yours is triple the size and will be a gem to fill up.
Ginger.....poor dear....looking for a Puris for herself....a PINK one.

Babes Mami 7/13/11, 8:40 PM  

If I don't get it together on parking the van our bumper might fall off, I keep hitting the curb...hard...everytime I park.

I love where you decided to put the tray!

Lin 7/13/11, 10:44 PM  

Have I mentioned that I love Ginger? I mean, really. She rocks those dirty feet and disinterest in wall art.

Cars suck. Well, maybe not so much when they actually run.

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