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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so I was crowned Queen of the Fruitcake people...

1.  Pandora - She's still in the shop for a little freshening up.  This time struts and a new radiator, at least.  Yet again, for anyone who thinks extended, expensive and all inclusive warranties on used cars are the height of STOOPID! because it's only the dealer who benefits, Ha! I say for the thousandth time.   Pandora's repair costs exceeded the price of the warranty in less then six months and she's still falling apart....


Thousands of dollars at a time.

2.  New car - We now own a brand new baby Prius.  No pictures because like many new babies she showed up in the wee hours after many hours of painful labor and I was too tired to look.

3.  Lyme - I've been obsessing about Lyme Disease this week; like I was up all last night feeling-my-pulse-kinda crazy.  I don't know what to do because, Do I have  symptoms or I'm being a hypochondrical fruitcake.

On my way to the store this morning I stopped at my Doctor's office to run the fruitcake vs. Lyme scenario by them and fortunately they were out to lunch because nothing drives the last candied cherry nail in the fruitcake  coffin like asking if you're one.


I think doing that make you Queen.


Lynette 7/13/11, 4:38 PM  

Yeah a new

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