The Crazy Suburban Mom: 5 things I'm grateful for, including divine intervention

Friday, July 22, 2011

5 things I'm grateful for, including divine intervention

1.  My car - Most of the time I rag on Pandora but she has one spectacularly frigid  air conditioner.  For the last ten years I've driven cars without A-Cee.  Some days I'd get behind the wheel and give my dead air conditioners a whirl for old times sake because moving air had to be better then nothing, right? Nope. Nope. And a disgusting gust of hot air to the nope... 

A car blowing it's hot nose air on you is just gross.  ( As I think here - a past car regression, as it were my last car didn't have heat either) ... but Pandora is Arctic!  


2.  My new purse -  I  walk everyday as part of my Nutrisystem plan because it's the right thing to do, plus sitting around really does make my butt look fat....  This week it's too hot to go out(side) so I go to stores instead which is backfiring in all sorts of bad ways but also in one good way.

Say hello to my new favorite purse, I love her so - And...

What's in my new purse?

.... this is all the stuff I carry.

I totally tried to weed some things out for the sake of my back but eh, that didn't go well as evidenced by this, What's in my bag? picture.  

3.  The best slippers in the world -  About a week ago I grabbed some clearance  (Three dollars!) slippers from TJ Maxx and they make my feet feel loved.  


When you don't feel very good it helps to have slippers that love you.

4.   Company -  Ginger loves hot sunny days but this heat is even too much for her.

ginger at window

I'm happy to have someone to ride the heat wave with me and just hang.  Inside.

5.  Coincidences - After one of my walks last week (read: shopping trips) I felt whiny about my size because nothing looked good on me,  that made me feel bad about myself, which made me depressed, then hungry.  The short version of that was I wanted a cheeseburger.

 I don't know if that makes sense to you but that's how my mind works; I go straight from sad to cheeseburger.  

I left the store ready to hunt burgers but once in the parking lot this is what I saw.

Yep.  I wanted to eat because I was too fat and ran smack into a blimp floating over my car.

 It's got the poetic justice of divine intervention, wouldn't you say? 

*This post was sponsored by divine intervention and  Nutrisystem  who is is providing me with the food, and program materials in exchange for blogging*


Lin 7/22/11, 5:01 PM  

My first car was a Nissan Sentra and while that little car was pretty bare mins, that heater worked like a mofo. 5 mins into driving, it felt like I was in Florida. I still miss that car on cold days. Never had a car that warmed up better.

Me and the kitties are stuck in the house too, 'cept they ain't happy about it. Hobbes is bored and just looks crabby. He'd rather just sit in the hot grass in the hot shade than come back inside where we are. I'm beginning to take it personally.

I kinda like the sound that blimps make--that gentle brrrrrrrrr.

randomcreative 7/22/11, 6:09 PM  

Very inspiring! It's important to take time to remember things like this.

Babes Mami 7/23/11, 10:10 AM  

Haha i love that the blimp was there! Saying dont do it! Also, thats a lot of stuff.

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