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Monday, June 6, 2011

Touching a rhino's nose....

My family - Well, not me. Just the ones that fly - recently went to California.

They did tons of West Coastean things and ate all manner of organic hoopla and falala but in the planning process my son found a Must-do.

And I quote - I want to touch a rhino's nose.

san diego zoo

As it happens, The San Diego Zoo has that very program.

san diego zoo

It's called Back Stage Pass and not only did he touch one on the nose but he fed it sweet potatoes and some pellet doodads.  Rhino-chow I guess.


First the nose and then the doodads...


Which was pretty quick because I hear that mouth is every bit as icky as I'd imagine even though Ben swears I can't imagine the ick factor.

The show's not all Rhino-related; there were a lot of animals to interact with....


The wolf was a huge hit (Ben wants one now) as were the jungle cats and their dog partners.  They live together as buddies for socialization.

At the close of the show the zoo people thanked everyone for coming.  The Back Stage Pass is about a hundred dollars on top of the regular zoo admission and they wanted to say thank you for participating because they know (in this economy)  that's a huge monetary hit.  

My family did feel appreciated so thanks for the thanks... 

The Back Stage pass helps support many programs and I got the feeling less people do it and admissions are down in general.  There are a lot of ways to support the San Diego Zoo but the Back Stage pass was a great experience so it's Win/Win.

Definitely something my son won't forget.  




Grampy 6/7/11, 8:31 AM  

WOW! That looked great.That is something he will always remember. I envy him. I hear the San Diego Zoo is fantastic. These are some great pictures.

Babes Mami 6/7/11, 1:46 PM  

I want to touch a rhino nose!!

Lin 6/7/11, 4:16 PM  

Oh WOW! I would love to do that backstage pass thingy. :) I know a lot of zoos are hurting, but the admission price is CRAZY these days. I know we don't go anymore. We used to get an annual pass when the kids were little and go all the time. Now the annual pass is really high and the extra exhibits cost more and more on top of admission. Yikes.

I think I would like to touch a rhino's nose too. Icky, but cool, Ben!

Petula 6/8/11, 8:10 PM  

That is so cool. I would have loved to do that. I would have been grossed out, but love - yes! LOL... Pictures are great and I love the way you wrote this post. :-)

Clarissa 6/9/11, 2:05 AM  

Cool!I haven't touched a rhino of all my life~want my kids to experience that too^_^

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique 6/9/11, 3:25 PM  

Love it!! We used to live in San Diego years ago - and we all LOVED the Zoo at Balboa park - it's wonderful, isn't it??!! And about 6 yrs ago, when we were there - our son who lived in L.A. at the time came down to see us for 3 days - and while hubby was in meetings, my son and I went to see our old house in Tierrasanta and then went to the San Diego Zoo - it was wonderful and brought back some great memories!

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