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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well, shoot

In the summer when my family goes down the shore (For all you outside New Jersey I'll translate: The beach) I stay home and do  random house stuff.  One year I faux-finished three rooms, another I moved some downstairs furniture upstairs and visa versa.

I'm not as strong as that sounds; moving furniture is my adrenaline boost.  It must be like when people lift cars off a loved one....

Only with sofas.

Coincidentally the year of the big furniture switch was the year I herniated a disk. Oh what a time we had.

Now, normally I do all that stuff but not this time.  My families been away for over a week and I've done next to nothing except cough, hack and wheeze.

I also whined and complained a lot but there was no one to hear me. So it's really a like the philosophical riddle, If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one to hear it, does it make a sound.... Because if I'm whining and complaining and there's no one to hear me, am I annoying?

Well, no actually I'm not.  

The timeline was everyone  left at 6:15 am on the eleventh and I woke up sick about 6:20. They missed it by five minutes.

As an interesting aside:  If a loved one leaves a plastic a bag of, oh.  I don't know.   Say their medicine, for arguments sake, on the stairs and they, for example, are on a - Uh - A plane heading for California well, just so you know if it ever comes up it costs $80 to overnight a bag teeny tiny bottles weighing very little to a hotel across the country.

So I grabbed up the pills and wheezed on over so one of those mailbox places to get them on their way and then headed to my Doctor for a tune-up.  

Six prescriptions and ten days later I'm much better but I feel like I accomplished nothing.  Which I hate.  I mean, I vacuumed this morning.  Changed the linens.  Oh and did a little laundry but that is it.

Feel like I wasted the whole week.  Well, shoot.


Theres just life 5/22/11, 5:04 AM  

I hope you are feeling better. What away to have to spend your freedom, cooped up with prescriptions and tissues. The worst is no one was there to notice how miserable you were. Being sick is no fun, but its worse if you can't make someone feel bad for you.
"Could you get me a glass of water and an ice cream? I was sick last week." .... No I don't think it will fly.

Pamela Jo

Lin 5/22/11, 5:29 PM  

Oh, darn it. Isn't that just your luck?? Sigh. I sure hope you are feeling better.

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