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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today's flowers

I was doodling last night and realized I haven't made time to do that in forever.

Midori doodles

The dust will still be there tomorrow.

I need to take some time to draw today's flowers.


Heather 5/29/11, 11:07 AM  

I am currently obsessed with photographing over-the-top flowers (like peonies):

I love flowers today, too!! I'm glad you are doodling.

Lin 5/29/11, 9:49 PM  

And they are SWEET! :) Hope you are having a good holiday weekend. It's cold and rainy here, so naps are on the agenda. Ahhhh....

Theres just life 5/29/11, 11:17 PM  

Doodling is a necessity. It is the only way to deal with stress. Besides dusting takes up the same time no matter how much it is, so why not pass on it for once.
By the way love the flowers.

Pamela Jo

ceemee 5/30/11, 3:53 AM  

Lovely doodles! haven't done any doodling myself in quite a long time.

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