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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My scale is a real tool

 Disclaimer : This post was sponsored by my back fat, stretch marks and one of my double chins. 

Eureka! I know why I cleaned the pantry over the week-end!   No idea why it took me this long to figure it out but I got it; last night my Nutrisystem order came and I needed a shelf.  Makes sense right?

Let me back up though, I was randomly watching QVC last Wednesday when up popped a Weekends-Off Nutrisytem Package. Even though I had no intention of ordering I watched, always do, because I credit a one hundred pound weight loss to Nutrisystem when I was in my twenties (another post).

The longer I watched the more disenchanted with the state of my back-fat I became and I am now proud momma to a bouncing baby Nutrisystem Program.  The stork delivered her last night.

nutrisystem order 1

Isn't she cute?

nutrisystem order

Smart too, she's color coded.

My darling plan came with a few important things. (Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe more important then the  food....)  First, a little book about food choices. Basically, what to eat (and buy) and when;  I've not really gotten to that yet so no info at the mo.

The other thing was a workbook and oh ---- We will be BFF's her and I.  They call her the  'Mindset Makeover 12 Lessons Behavioral Guide'.  Me? I just call her Charlotte.  

Last night I perused Charlotte's intro (she said it tickled) and there was a lot for me to consider. I want to do this right and  not just food comes,  open food, eat, lose weight and then gain everything back plus ten more to teach me a lesson.  I want to participate. Think about what I am doing, mindfully.

And the first thing I have to do is decide why I want to lose and then I will move on to Lesson One: Getting started and setting goals.  Getting started I am good at, goals not so much plus I still have to decide WHY I want to lose from the intro section.  The short answer being, I'm so unhappy like this. (FYI - I checked with some Fashion Stylists and chafing's  nevahevah gonna be the new black...)

The truer answer is (do your best Dr. Phil impersonation), What do you get from eating this way, Tracy? You wouldn't be packing it away to the point of discomfort if there was no pay-off?

Today's goals
1.   Try and answer the question about why I eat like this.  And why I want to lose.  
2.   Weigh myself  (Done and Oh my.  My oh my.  Our Lady of the Scale was a cruel mistress this morning.
3.  Find a few nice stickers for Charlotte's um, face.

You're a Tool...

Disclaimer : This post was sponsored by my back fat, stretch marks and one of my double chins. 


homeschoolceo 5/3/11, 8:52 AM  

Lol, love your sense of humor and good for you!

Babes Mami 5/3/11, 9:58 AM  

my dad did some sort of mail order system and lost weight but he said it was because the portions were for infants. Aren't you supposed to round the meals out with veggies and stuff? I don't know.

I used to weight myself at least three times a day, now I'm down to once every other day, it's a huge accomplishment.

Tara Beaulieu 5/3/11, 11:23 AM  

Ugh, I am daily weigher. I wish I wasn't, but sadly I am. I am just home from vacation and the scale wasn't giving me much lovin. Now I'm back to it again, the long, long process of diet and exercise. Good luck to you!

Illinois Reviewer 5/3/11, 4:04 PM  
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Jill 5/6/11, 8:32 AM  

I stumbled upon your blog this morning and can't stop reading. I love your honesty and humor. I have just entered the world of blogging. I too struggle with weight and the dreaded scale. I would love for you to stop by and see my story!

I look forward to reading about your journey! The ups and downs! Thanks for keeping me motivated with my own journey!!!


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