The Crazy Suburban Mom: My journey to Nutrisystem part 1

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My journey to Nutrisystem part 1

It started decades ago...

I've had weight issues for a long time but maybe the worst time was in my twenties due to binge eating.  I don't know why I ate like that, I've never eaten like that again.  But it was bad.  The worst point was right before I found Nutrisystem (for the first time) and back then it was a much different program.

You went to a local office (no mail order) and the program  was (pretty much) a no carbohydrate affair.  Three times a week you drove there,  peed on a ketostick,  brought it to the nurse, and prayed for dark purple.

The food was not a party in your mouth back then.  I only remember a few meal options because I ate a canned meat patty in gravy at dinner for four months. There were shakes, broths, and um... a jello, I think.  There was more but I didn't eat a lot of the more. 

But back to how I got there, one day something happened that shook me enough to look in a mirror.  And not an actual mirror but the kind you examine your life with..  I was in Bloomingdale's at the Short Hills Mall (sheshe and high end to the nth degree ). I was walking around, shopping maybe, daydreaming for sure,  when I heard a kid about five years old say, Mommy that lady's faaaaat!

I turned around and he was pointing at me.  

I wanted to die.  His mother looked like she wanted to die, too.  I left the mall although I don't remember leaving - I went blank, went home and cried.  I cried all night.  The next day I started Nutrisystem.

I didn't go into it joyously; I was at my lowest point ever.  I felt about as bad as I've ever felt.   Did I love all my meal choices? No.  Did I care?  No.  All I had to do was look in a mirror to see what my own food choices had done to me.... Not having to think about what to eat alone flooded me with relief.  Dinner time came and I opened something.  End of story.

Well not the end because I started losing weight.  To be continued....

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