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Monday, May 23, 2011

My favorite nail polish color - 2011

Rite aid recently started selling Essie nail polish and it's expensive (for me); eight bucks I think.  There was a sale few a weeks back so it got me to look at them.

I thought the sale involved buying two so grabbed two but when I got to the register it was three.  I just wanted to get out of there so I paid.  I knew I could return them later if I decided it wasn't worth it.

My first choice was a teal  who's name escapes me and the other was called Absolutely Shore that looked like grout  in the bottle.

 I got it to make two for the sale because grout isn't that flattering. I can't imagine why I even picked it up - Must have been the name because it looked positively DREADFUL in the bottle.  I didn't even like it when I bought it.

I kept them and wore the teal.  Liked it well enough.   A week or so later I was in a living dangerously mood and put on the ugly polish and Holy Misjudgment.  It's gorgeous!  It's bright and nothing like that ugly flat gray it appears -  It looks like the sun glinting off  sea foam.  And I know I'm waxing poetic but it's the prettiest polish ever. (Babes Rockin Mami, you must get it if you're into greens).

 It looks like it's lit from within and I can only imagine how great it would look with a tan.  Something I will never know but just sayin'   It's in the summer collection I believe and unless you never wear any shade of green or any pastels - You. Must. Get. This.

My only fear is this is limited edition.


Babes Mami 5/23/11, 7:15 PM  

we actually have a rite aid here! Didn't in Greenville, I will have to trek over there and get it soon. I am always looking for a new perfect polish! My toes go to is wet n wild diamond something in a red I never remember the name of despite having used it for at least three years lol. I can never find it in the store anymore and I'm down to half a bottle, time to comb ebay and amazon soon!

Lin 5/23/11, 10:47 PM  

Dang. You are a gambling woman. At that price, I wouldn't even be trying it.

Ruth 5/24/11, 1:40 AM  

Eight bucks for nail polish?? I get mine at the dollar store (LA Colors brand) and it's great.

We used to have a Rite Aid here, loved it, then they closed for some unknown reason (unknown to the public, anyway). Bummer!

Nicole OrriĆ«ns 5/24/11, 7:36 AM  

I confess I never wear nailpolish. It makes me feel like my hands are not my own.

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