The Crazy Suburban Mom: Long Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Round-Up, Garage Sales, Nutrisystem, iPhone case, Travelers Notebook

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Round-Up, Garage Sales, Nutrisystem, iPhone case, Travelers Notebook

1.  I just ordered THE cutest iPhone case.  I couldn't find one I liked anywhere so I tried etsy and found one at a shop called Asecinc

It's made out of felt and there's just something about it that rings my bell - I wanted it on sight.  BAD!

2.  My second shipment of Nutrisystem food arrived yesterday.  A month and twelve pounds down.   I've gained insight into a mistake I make every time I try and lose weight.  Sometimes when I'm hungry I start thinking, "I'm going to eat (something not on my diet, fill in the blank)"   for, say lunch.

In the last month that happened a few times but I [figuratively] slapped myself upside the head, went to my pantry, picked a green (lunch) box, ate and went on with my day - Perfectly content.

With any other plan I had  something not on my diet because - here is the problem -  it is just as easy to eat something not on my diet as it is to stay on.  (An a-ha moment to be sure)

The extended a-ha was that it's just easier to stay on Nutrisystem then it is to go off which can also be stated thusly ( for the mathematically inclined )

For the non-mathematically inclined  (me) that has something to do with Newton's Laws on motion and how objects - That would be me - doing things at a certain speed in any direction - say, a diet -will continue  doing it at the same  speed in the same direction - like towards a goal weight.

Unless - Something pushes the thing - that would be me - to change its direction - In my case towards a mega-burger with everything and a side of another mega-burger.  And since my food is here there's nothing pushin'...

The short version is success on Nutrisystem  is Physics, man.  And it's the Law.

Newton's anyway.

3.  NO! Not another planner entry.

travelers notebook

I talk about planners too much so I'm not even going to get into it much expect to say it's the Midori Traveler's Notebook and there's a lot to Squeee! about.  Not the least of which is a.  The leather and b. The paper which is so wonderful you can do all kinds of artsy things with ink.  The paper stands up to ink like a champ.  There are some great inserts for customizations and I'll be using this for a while.

No, I promise.  Swear.  I know you don't believe me but it's totally true.

4.  I passed a garage sale today and only stopped because it was in a parking lot that I was already in.  Worst ever.  The few things that were okay were c'mon five dollars for a picture?  Three for a mug?  Six for your nasty old shoes.  The rest was not from your decluttering - I'm wagging my finger at you, you cheeky thing.  You emptied your garbage can onto that blanket.  I think you were a little confused - The sale was a garage sale not garbage sale.  Then again I could be mistaken.  I didn't really take a good look at the sign of yours.


Babes Mami 5/28/11, 5:58 PM  

I'm so proud of you! I've decided to switch my workouts to nap time instead of after bed so I'm less tired and more able to work them in. :]

Garage sales...people don't always know how to price resonably!

Theres just life 5/28/11, 11:20 PM  

Congrats, on the weight loss so far, and for passing on that mega-burger with everything.
I like your day planner, but I always wound up with it totally empty or so full I don't have room for the next entry.
Now I don't have a lot to plan any way. But I still get palpitation when I see a fresh new day planner.

Pamela Jo

Lin 5/29/11, 9:58 PM  

LOVE the Iphone case!! I had to go look at those too. :) Oh, the Ipad ones are adorable as well.

Be sure to keep healthy/good food around for those moments when you want something quick to eat. That will help you and keep you from grabbing those burgers. :) You are doing GREAT!

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