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Sunday, May 15, 2011

FiOS is all that plus I get to annoy my kid, it doesn't get better than that...

My switch to Verizon FiOS (internet, phone and TV) didn't occur right-right away because I thought the state of my media was okay (plus the unknown is scary.) My neighbors however were switching right and left -  Wait, make that to my right, left and across my street - But I waited.  I'd had unhappy experiences with providers and I didn't want to go there again.

At some point FiOS made me a 'new customer' offer that was spectacularly good and I caved. I told my family over dinner, We're getting FiOS. I didn't take a poll, I just did it...  Followed by some extended whining on my part.  My family was good with it and just wanted me to pass the green beans but I'd been burned before by poor customer service, loss of internet, loss of TV during storms and who knew what kind of downhill experience I was heading for now.

 But it didn't go downhill. 

The week I got FiOS there was a blizzard and I waited for the inevitable. I'd just come off satellite which was weather dependent and before that cable which was randomly and significantly unreliable - Now that everything was bundled I figured I'd lose the whole e-shebang and be playing a lot of solitaire until the thaw.

And not on my computer.

 But nope.  My TV stayed on as did everything else.  I was tickled and a bit shocked but glad about the storm, and so was my family because I  stopped whining.   What was there to whine about? Don't you just love it when you turn the TV on and it goes on.  Come on, right?  That's been the case since I've  had FiOS. 

But there are tons of other things I love about FiOS starting with their customer service department who have always been responsive and helpful.  I have taken apart a computer and replaced my mother board but I can not program a remote.  Every time I have to do it I call and they do not remind me that their are directions online, directly from the TV set top box, on the paperwork ( and I think the  In-Home Agent and the help channel, too). There are so many avenues for help and they are still glad to help me if, make that when I call.

The longer I am a subscriber the more I find that works in with my life.  About a month ago I was playing around with the remote control and found that I could put  CALLER ID details on my television.  No kidding, I have caller ID on my TV screen.  That may not seem like a big deal but half the time I don't know where the phone is and the other half I'm too lazy to look at it.  Now I don't have too.  Plus, do you know how great this is at night when I don't feel like picking up telemarketing calls?  Now I know the second a call comes in if it's at least a person I know.  I heart this feature with strawberry-scented, glitterly pink hearts.

Get this!  As I write this - Really, right now, I'm streaming a Netflix movie (a 60's comedy classic sporting a pink and yellow kitchen to die for!) using the widget feature.    The movie widget is my favorite at the moment but there are a lot of them .. Facebook... Youtube...  Twitter... Shopping.  The weather!  

The On-Demand Feature is great because I can catch up on things I missed because I go to bed early.  This feature is great if you have a social life as well. And I really like Mag-Rack.  Not that long ago I learned how to make a Rubber Ducky cake.  If you haven't seen it go check it out, adorable!

And - Because there's more - If you have a DVR get the Verizon FiOS DVR App  because it's great!   You can manage your recordings and if I'm being honest, it's easier then using the remote.

The latest thing I found was the FiOS remote App which I put on my iPhone and I probably  say this about everything but this is my favorite because here's the thing: If you can't keep track of the remote because your son's friends have used it as a football and it's in a tree in the backyard you don't have to worry anymore.  You can use your phone.

Plus, I love - really love - sneaking up on my kid and changing the channel on him because I don't know, it's fun and I can.

There are so many features that I love and use daily.  And I love that I get to use them daily; that I turn on my stuff and on they are! I couldn't say that with other providers; I didn't get the same reliability.

I mean, seriously, Verizon FiOS is all that and I get to annoy my kid when ever I feel like it, it doesn't get better then that. 

“I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon FiOS sponsored blogging program. Any views, opinions or experiences expressed are my own.”


Tara Beaulieu 5/15/11, 12:18 PM  

We switched to Fios within a month of buying our house. We had regular old cable before that and ever at the business level tier (which afforded us immediate response during outages) I still had to deal with constant outages with the internet. Fios, not so much. Okay, like almost never. In fact, I don't think we've had an outage in 2 years. Sometimes the wireless is glitchy on my desktop here in the kitchen, but it's just my machine. I reboot and it's all good to go again. And I LOVE the on demand and dvr features. :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom 5/15/11, 12:29 PM  

Tara, ditto about the outages. I once had a few days without service with a cable company. Days.

I've only had the dvr a month but I love it.


Gabriele Agustini 5/16/11, 11:37 AM  

Wow! I am so electronically-challenged, that I think I'd go nuts trying to figure all of that out! You have thoroughly impressed me!! Enjoy your toys!

The Budget Diet 5/16/11, 12:08 PM  

I swore after switching satellite companies (to save a ton of $$$) that I would never do it again! It was such a hassle, but you're tempting me!

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