The Crazy Suburban Mom: A Week-end round up full of purses.... who knew?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Week-end round up full of purses.... who knew?

1.  I finally picked a paint color for my bathroom.

Ballet Slipper Pink by Martha Stewart.  I've mentioned it a time or two before it's just that until I got the gray floor it didn't seem to be possible.  Believe it or not with the gray floor that color looks the best - Objectively.  And I'm not kidding.

The runner up was Sunken Pool also by Martha Stewart which I loved but the pink looked better with the floor.

2.  On the way to Home Depot for paint samples I saw a House Sale sign and it looked promising  but it was raining like a mother so I figured if I still wanted to go I'd  stop on the way back. 

Ladies, if you were wondering what's at the end of rainbows...  I totally just found out.  It's house sales with purses!     I got two  Coach Bags, one Dooney & Bourke, and one Brahmin Bag for Thirty Dollars! 

All of them are in Aaaaa-mazing condition, ranging from, did she even use this to she used this a little.

 3.  This horrible thing...


Is gone and replaced with the next picture and yes, even though I did. Not. Want. Stainless.


Man alive, it's pretty.

And clean and shiny.  And hygienic looking - As a sink should look.  My old sink looked like it was a breeding ground for all sorts of germs and fa la la.  .... Mushrooms at the very least.

The sink and faucet - By the way that faucet is love - are by Kohler and wow! does having something that works ( and doesn't look like crap and flood underneath twice a week) make a difference.

Thanks for that sink Dad, it does my germaphobe heart good.


Maureen 4/16/11, 6:30 PM  

Sounds like you're having a good day!

Lynette 4/16/11, 6:53 PM  

Made me think of this.....
Go Shine Your Sink!

Theres just life 4/16/11, 8:22 PM  

Pink does look really good with gray.
The new sink is great. I found away to keep is shiny too. All you have to do is wipe it down with a little olive oil on a paper towel. Makes it look like new, even if it isn't.

Pamela Jo

Lin 4/17/11, 7:42 PM  

Oh, the new sink is lovely! We got one last year and it is amazing how nice it makes the whole kitchen look.

At what point in our lives did we start to care about sinks?? Kill me now.

lee 4/19/11, 11:21 PM  

you should send me some designer purses. you know they say you have to make room for the good things to come to you, haha! i know you were in heaven! i would probably melt into a pool of drool on the spot.

congrats on finding the planner. it must have felt like being reunited with a long lost friend.

Misguided Mommy 4/30/11, 12:13 PM  

why do you keep thinking its okay to talk about purses without showing them?


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