The Crazy Suburban Mom: Tuesday Round-up

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Round-up

Random bits of excess gray matter floating around today...

1.  My Filofax is still missing and it's taken with it my Lamy and Cross pens.  I'm awash with collywobbles, I tell you.

2.  Now my (backless) phone shuts off while in use; inconvenient to the Nth power.  That makes two broken phones out of three on our plan.  I've tried to resolve my issues with AT&T via many calls to the AT&T retention department,tweets with @ATTJohnathon , an email to Mark Siegel  and Seth Bloom (Unanswered. Nice.)  all outlined in a blog post (here) but nope.  No DM trying to resolve the issue despite the fact that the blog post  was seen.   

Hey.   Did you know AT&T is planning to buy T-Mobile and that will make them the biggest phone company and they say it will benefit customers - no really, they do.  Check it out here

So here's the thing - If they didn't feel compelled to respond while being smaller what in the world would make them feel the need to respond to a single customer if they were even bigger?  

That was rhetorical by the way.

3.  Walk away from the fridge, Tracy.  Just walk away.  I think I weigh about a thousand pounds.

4.  I just made a roast chicken, spaghetti with meat sauce, and egg drop soup for dinner.  I have no explanation. 


Gabriele Agustini 4/5/11, 7:32 PM  

Sorry about the AT&T customer service problems!!
But your dinner sounded fabulous!! Made my mouth water, actually! :)

Christina - Rant Rave Roll 4/5/11, 10:23 PM  

I had a similar problem with AT&T not long ago. Honestly, I believe I had problems getting a response as well. You can try tweeting Molly (@ATTCustomerCare) she was very helpful to me. Hope that helps.

Egg Drop soup sound so good now.

Misguided Mommy 4/5/11, 11:48 PM  

oddest dinner combo every

dddiva 4/6/11, 9:11 AM  

UGH AT&T, unfortunately everyone here uses it as it has the only decent reception in our area.

They constantly try adding crap to our bill and won't do jack about phones even when you pay the dang insurance. :(

I really need to move.

Your dinner sounds as random as my brain.

Lin 4/7/11, 10:09 PM  

Crap. We just ditched AT & T for T-Mobile. Ugh. I like the packages for T-Mobile, I sure hope they don't charge AT & T prices.

Hope Vestergaard 4/12/11, 3:09 PM  

We've been with Sprint, Verizon, Nextel and AT&T and got the best coverage and customer service from AT&T. Not to say they're perfect, but just because they don't respond to your blog and email doesn't mean they suck. I find the whiny blog posting hoping for freebies to be a real turn-off.

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