The Crazy Suburban Mom: The Taj MaHaul a.k.a My back is killing me

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Taj MaHaul a.k.a My back is killing me

I'm overwhelmed.  

The amount of stuff I need to deal with seems to have multiplied exponentially over the weekend. I can't tell you by how much because it would involve doing  this...

And that's out.

Now, I know logically there's not really  more stuff- exactly - It's just that now I know what to do with all this stuff and oh my. Just my oh my palpating heart.  

What used to sit around in neat (and not so neat piles) that I ignored and occasionally railed against has become thousands of loose ends to deal with for example:

a.  There is a crapfest of papers that need filing in  brandy, new organized files.

b.  There is (was, I did that all today) a good three feet of papers waiting to be shredded.

And 3.  The five or so 20 pound garbage bags that sit waiting to go out because at the moment there is no room left in the cans.  They are a testament - A Taj Mahaul this stuff away, if you will - of what evil lay beneath the apparent neatness around here pre-professional organizer.  Oh, my aching back.

The good news is I know exactly where the Thermacare Heat Wraps are...


ladyjanewriter 4/4/11, 9:57 PM  

"brandy new" - hee, cute typo, leave it. I think I could use some brandy myself in my De-Crapping Process!

Lynette 4/5/11, 10:04 AM  

drink a lil of the brandy and the back will be much better...or numb

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