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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Sicilian Bergamot Bomb

Back in 2009 I wrote a post titled  My feet are as ugly as Cruella DeVille's Face  and there's a couple of interesting things about that post.   I routinely get hits from people searching "feet ugly as Cruella deVille face" which I find --- Peculiar.

I can't explain why my daily cruella-feet-face hits  unnerve me so  because I certainly thought of it but I was using it as an off-the-wall allegory for how bad my feet looked.  Perhaps it's more that I get hits off that combo week after week, and have for two years.

That's a pretty penny of people seeking out diabolical feet, y'all....

In the post I said:

My feet are as ugly as Cruella DeVille's Face if her face were calloused, cracked and looked like she could put cigarettes out with it. 

...And I also said....

My feet are pure evil because they look like they want to make a fur coat out of puppies, can put cigarettes out with their feety faces, and have crevices that would make the Grand Canyon weep with jealousy.

The jist: De-Shreking my feet. 

I remembered the post recently because last month Rebecca from Naturopathica wrote and asked if I wanted to try Sicilian Bergamot Body Lotion  .  She said "This light yet deeply moisturizing lotion is brand new to our collection and uses Aloe to nourish and soothe the skin. Our founder, Barbara Close, created it to replicate the experience of wandering through a Tuscan garden. "

And she got me at the EXACT right time - I'd just come back from Cape May, NJ where I'd spent a few days.  A few windy, freezing days to be exact - after the longest, snowiest NJ winter ever - and my skin was dry and chapped and if there was a time to ask, Do you want to try a great lotion? It was then.

This stuff...

Is the Bomb, the Sicilian Bergamot Bomb.  Becky was right; it's light yet deeply moisturizing.  It goes on like a lotion but works (lasts) like a thicker cream.  The best way to describe it is to say from the first time I used it on my hands I could tell it was different because the next day - THE NEXT DAY - my hands felt softer, velvetier is the word that keeps coming to mind.  

I've been using it ever since and my other lotions are pining away.  I've been moving this around the house; it's now by my new sink.  (Yes, I finally got a new one and the cobalt blue bottle is lovely against stainless).

I have started chasing people around the house squirting their hands, You have to try this stuff, kinda thing.  And I tell them, I swear tomorrow your hands will be softer, Call me.  

And they don't believe me because they wash their hands a lot or whatever and then I talk to them and they say,You know, that hand cream stuff?  

And I go, Yeah?  

And they go, My hands WERE softer the next day! 

And I go, I know, right?

As to what the beginning of this post was about.... I think I will give this Supercalifragilisticexpialidelicious  lotion from  Naturopathica  a shot on my feet next because it just might have the right combination of something-something for those awful feety things.  Plus it has a great fresh citrus scent and that never hurts when your dealing with feet.

...just sayin'.

*Naturopathica sent me a free bottle of  Sicilian Bergamot Body Lotion to try.  There was no compensation for this review nor did they ask me to do it.  ....Just trying  to do my part to rid the world of dry skin.*


Lynette 4/16/11, 7:31 PM  

my fav for my feet is avon cracked heel relief cream!

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