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Friday, April 29, 2011

My kingdom for a maid...

I've been working on some much needed Spring Cleaning - not just decluttering but that too - You know the kind of stuff I mean;  the down and dirtys.  And honestly, I feel like I've crawled into every nasty crevice from the Jersey Shore to Gdansk in the last four days and I've learned many things...

1.    You can make a large cat with all the hair I've found.
2.    My dog can sleep though the most  bombasticly robust cleaning ....
3.    So can my son.
D.   When a dust-covered woman falls over from exhaustion in a forest of chaos no one really can hear her...
5.    Even if there are people in the next room watching Jeopardy.
6.    Dust particles left alone knit together and form something that I am calling The Atlantic Paranormal Society about.
7.    Also I bought two more toilets that I need installed and The Atlantic Paranormal Society are only Ghost Hunters at night; by day they are plumbers so I can work the scary dust thing and the toilet installation with one service call.
h.    No matter how much I claim to, I care not a whit about the dust behind very large pieces of furniture.
9.    Ditto anything nasty that collects on ceiling fans.
10.  The only thing I've stopped cleaning for is to watch Addicted to Food over and over and over and sob my guts out.
11.  I stayed up all last night just to watch the Royal Wedding preparations...
12. Then again it might have been the repeating linguini with clam sauce.
13.  I have far too many containers containing things I was looking for forever but had no idea where they were.
14.  I have more pencils, pens and markers then a day camp.
15.   And I could pave a road to the moon with Post-It notes.
16.  My kingdom for a maid....


Babes Mami 4/29/11, 5:33 PM  

One day you are going to have a post of a pristine house and then what will happen lol

Lynette 4/30/11, 8:54 AM  

OCD does stand for One Crazy Dame or so my Dear Hubbys says. See we both fit that title at times. LOL

Keep on plugging away......then do it again next spring.

Canadian Doomer 4/30/11, 10:30 PM  

But - I learned this years ago - maids don't haul stuff out and move furniture and do all the stuff you want them to do. You're supposed to clean up BEFORE the maid comes. I remember thinking that that wasn't fair - I can sweep the floor and wipe the counter! :)

I've been doing some spring cleaning, too. I took an enormous rubbermaid container (filled the trunk of my car!) to the thrift store yesterday. It felt good.

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