The Crazy Suburban Mom: A mad dash in my underpants, thwarted

Friday, April 1, 2011

A mad dash in my underpants, thwarted

The professional organizer is coming this afternoon and guess what, I didn't clean this week.  Well, I cleaned but I didn't clean clean. Didn't want her calling the Board of Health and hanging a big ol' condemned sign on the place.  But I didn't do a Hail Mary Company's Coming Crisis Cleaning - Type thing either...

Not that anyone knows *cough* what I mean.

I wanted her to see 'the real thing...." I'm not sure how this will go.  Nothing's really set in stone and decisions will be made when she gets here about whether  things will be done while she's here, or if there will be assignments and she will come back....

Or.  Well hm,  dunno 'cause what I know about professional deculttering can be summed up as follows...


Yeah. Make what I know a big goose egg.

It's taken everything I have this morning not to do a mad dash around the house in my underpants with a 33 gallon trash bag  between my teeth double-fisting crap as fast as I can to hide the evidence of my shortcomings.


Carole Anne Carr 4/1/11, 9:05 AM  

Lucky you, having a professional organizer. Which I could borrow one. :0)

Lynette 4/1/11, 11:01 AM  

get ready for files folders, file boxes (pretty ones) and lots of sorting....but you know goes faster than you can believe.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 4/1/11, 11:04 AM  

Carole - I'll let you know how it goes :)

Lynette - that's exactly what she said. Is it you that's coming this afternoon? LOL

Vonlipi 4/1/11, 11:39 AM  

The image of you in your underpants was Depends worthy! And the trash bag between your teeth had me howling!
Will you be filming this? I hope you don't have a Hoarders meltdown.

If you are I'm only an email away ;)

Babes Mami 4/1/11, 9:07 PM  

I hope today went well!

Christy 4/2/11, 9:00 AM  

Pretty, pretty tabbys are in your future!

Raven 4/3/11, 10:26 AM  

Sounds like how I clean the house. I need a professional organizer.

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