The Crazy Suburban Mom: Hoping I never have to clean doodie out of a Longchamp

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hoping I never have to clean doodie out of a Longchamp

I took Ginger to the vet for blood work this week; nothing's up so no worries.  It was just me and Ginger riding shotgun - And I really don't like taking her by myself in that behemoth van because every three seconds I see her head pop up in another place.  It's like watching Whac-a-Mole play out in the rear view with a dog head.

ginger goes to the vet1

It's not even that she's upset.  I've had dogs that threw up the minute the car door shut. I know upset.

ginger goes to the vet

Ginger's just...  I dunno.  Interested in what everything looks like from...

ginger goes to the vet5

Every angle.  And there are so many places to explore in that big van. Ginger is a niblet in comparison.  So she starts all the way in the rear (third) seat and works her way...

ginger goes to the vet2

back to...

ginger goes to the vet6


ginger goes to the vet3

 I won't let her sit on my lap while I'm driving.  I don't want her to get hit with an air bag .... 

ginger goes to the vet4

But  oh no she's not getting in the passenger seat either.  Air bag issue aside.  She's not sitting on my Longchamp purse no way. No how. Some time ago she doodied in a gym bag and I'm not putting myself in the position of writing a post about Ginger making doodie in my Longchamp.

ginger goes to the vet4

I scooted her tushie right the heck off. That was way too close for comfort.


Carole Anne Carr 4/14/11, 5:20 PM  

Loved the post and loved the photographs, Ginger looks bright and full of fun!

Lin 4/14/11, 8:11 PM  

Oh, I LOVE that Ginger!! And I LOVE Ginger posts!!! Wheeeeee!

Sometimes I take Sammy the Weiner Dog for rides in the car and he does that whack-a-mole thing too. It's all fun and games until I see the inside of my car windows with nose-smudge all over them. Blech.

Maureen 4/14/11, 11:39 PM  

OMG! I did a mega belly laugh at the whack-a-mole reference. I'm still laughing actually.

Lynette 4/15/11, 9:33 AM  

awwww Ginger would never do that....ever.....just ask her!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 4/15/11, 9:50 AM  

Carole Anne - Your comments are always so sweet :)

Lin - Yeah those nose prints are all over the place for real. Honestly it was worse when her eye sight was better because then she was barking and snarling at everything and everyone. Now shes just looking pretty much. so its not so messy anymore :)

Maureen - its the funniest thing ever and I tried to get shots of the actual rear view mirror but they didnt come out plus I was driving and I didnt want to pay too much attention to photographing.

Lynette - omg she totally did. The gym bag I threw out - the longchamp bag I would cry if I had to.

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