The Crazy Suburban Mom: Hopefully, I'll be getting Slim-Fast....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hopefully, I'll be getting Slim-Fast....

 Day 2 using Slim-Fast bars and so far so ... Well, better then good.  I have a meal bar in the morning and one for lunch and the snack bars for snacks.  These...

 Nom. Nom.

These too.  Those are my snacks.

Haven't tried anything else; so far just those flavors because I didn't want a closet full of bars staring me in the face screaming, You failed again! In case it didn't go well but yeah. It's all really good at the moment.  For me, it's working I think because I didn't really rock the breakfast/lunch thing. Ever.  

Then I would get really hungry at  the pre-dinner Witching Hour which meant I was ravenous when I was cooking, and then eating dinner.  At best it was a drag.  At worst I ate a lot while cooking and eating dinner.  

With eating the bars during the day I'm not a beast at dinner time.   

I am eating a regular dinner.  I'm not packing it away but I at this point I'm just eating what everyone else does  because with the cost of the bars it's adding to my grocery bill; I can't add more by changing what I eat.

As an FYI and something random you don't know about me; if I get up in the middle of the night I go downstairs, into the fridge, and grab a handful of cheese.  Slices of whatever I have on hand which of late is muenster.  Hundreds of calories, I reckon.  But for the last few days I've been grabbing a snack bar at 100 calories and whoa! A huge improvement on the diet front .... And not nearly as binding.

...just sayin'

I'll let you know how it goes, guys.  Wish me lots of good thin luck!

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*  In case anyone was wondering - this post was sponsored by my muffin top, my arm flab and my back fat*


Lynette 4/7/11, 2:51 PM  

wow your sponsors live here too!

i would love the bars at breakfast, snack time, lunch, snack time, before dinner, after dinner, in the middle of the night, dipped in coffee...and on and on and on!

The Recycle-ista 4/7/11, 4:18 PM  

haven't tried the bars lately...but i used to drink the shakes and did well with blood sugar stayed stable with them too

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