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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ginger the Poochtastic Pedigree Brand Ambassador

Some weeks ago  Pedigree was looking for a couple o' Poochtastic  Brand Ambassadors and I threw Ginger's collar into the ring.

Pedigree is big on helping shelter dogs - Pedigree Adoption Drive on Facebook and @PedigreeUS on Twitter - and Ginger hearts that because before she came to us someone unceremoniously dumped her in a 72 hour kill shelter in  New York City. 

But if you ever meet her don't mention that ...

Ginger black and white 2

She doesn't want to think about that anymore...

I've been making Ginger's food for years and while I'm not unhappy with the results for the most part, I've wanted to add dry food for quite some time for a few reasons.

1.  She likes to 'chew' and I help her out with the chewing thing using treats but treats are treats.

2.  She needs to  chew - She's an old girl and her teeth are not. Good.

At her age - Somewhere between 72 and 84 human years on the...


Go do that, it's way cool -  The vet doesn't  even want to do a cleaning that requires anesthesia.  I got the food yesterday and read the bag and in the small dog size they have X-shaped kibbles to help with the teeth business.

3.  Her coat is short (and now that I'm looking at her she needs a bath) and her skin is flaky;  I think she doesn't get enough fat in her diet.  I don't include any in the food, in fact I wash it off the ground meat.  I am pretty sure she needs something I'm not feeding her ....And that's another reason I've always considered adding a dry food - Completeness.

4.  Even though I make her food her tummy can be downright  ugly.  A few years ago she got ground turkey, veggies and a starch and all of a sudden it wasn't agreeing with her.  I switched to lamb, veggies and a starch but lamb's fatty and I  rinse it well.  Lately, I don't know.  The lamb doesn't seem to be setting well with her.

I was thinking of changing her food again but I really didn't know to what.  Since we have this opportunity we are totally grabbing it by the dog bowl and running. 

Ginger isn't on a dry food so I don't have to change her old one - I will add the Pedigree Small Breed into her regular food a little at a time.  I told Ginger about all the ins and outs of x-shaped kibble and the Waltham Report and well....


She was underwhelmed to the point of rudeness during my lecture on nutrition....


But she really perked up when I shook the bag!

The real 'test' starts with dinner tonight but I gave her six pieces to try after shaking the bag.  All gone.  She didn't even take them away to bury them.  Just gone.  She also had a few for breakfast this morning with her arthritis medication because she can't take it on an empty stomach and she ate all of them too so I would say we are off to the races.

I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Pedigree and received dog food to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


Vonlipi 4/21/11, 2:37 PM  

I love when you write about Ginger. She's so sweet! I know about dietary restrcitions as well! I have a can't on special food for urinary track infections, one that is alergic to chicken and one that just doesn't eat, he lives on LOVE (true). I was forgetting about the one that will eat everything! She's on a seefood diet...she sees food and she eats it!LOL a lot of fun at dinner time!

Rescued animals are the best!

Adopt from shelters and get your pets spayed or neutured!

And don't encourage thrift shops that aren't thrifty!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 4/21/11, 2:44 PM  

Thanks Miss V, I had a cat who was on a special urinary perscription diet for years. And yep on the rescued animals - I think I've always had them now that I think of it.

And for sure on the thrift shop thing.



Maureen 4/21/11, 8:45 PM  

Well it sounds good so far. I might have to try it with my daughter's dog (currently living with us). She's fuss-pot.

Lin 4/23/11, 10:23 AM  

Well, if Ginger likes it....

It's hard when your pets get older and you have to adjust their diet. We are going through that with Grace. And like Ginger, her skin is drying out a bit too. I just brush her more because I think they can't groom all those flakes out anymore.

Ginger rocks. She has the BEST photos EVER!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 4/23/11, 10:44 AM  

Maureen, Ginger really likes it. I wasn't sure how it would go but she's eaten every kibble I've thrown her way from the first one. I have no explanation except it must taste really really good because there are days she turns her nose up and a dog sized ham turkey and munster sandwich

Lin, Poor grace. They get fiddly stomaches when they get older dont they? I can sympathize with her - and you at this point. At the moment ginger is really liking the pedigree small breed and cottage cheese. I don't want to go back to lamb because she wasnt doing well with it . Lets just say cheese is binding and leave it at that.... I hope her skin improves with this, it might according to the bag... And thanks about the pictures ... the black and whites are new and I really like them too


Leia 4/24/11, 1:02 AM  

Awww your dog is adorable...!


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