The Crazy Suburban Mom: A fracas of clean

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A fracas of clean

My date with the professional organizer went very well (Alas, it was over too soon).   I'll post on it Monday when the dust settles a little; just wanted to take a break from shredding to let you know I'm still here under a mountain of cross-cut paper shrapnel, garbage waiting to go out, and a gargantuan to-do list.

Ginger is scared to death. This fracas of clean  is turning up dust bunnies bigger then her.

Ginger on Pink Chenille

She's laying low in her muffin.

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Carole Anne Carr 4/2/11, 7:14 PM  

Poor Ginger, she does look apprehensive. Loved the comment about dust bunnies, will be interested to hear how the re-organizing goes. :0)

Carole Anne Carr 4/2/11, 7:38 PM  

Thanks for joining my blog, Tracy, lovely to see you there. Carole.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 4/2/11, 7:42 PM  

Carole Anne, I hadn't realized I wasn't. I just went and looked and I wasn't!


Maureen 4/2/11, 9:56 PM  

A professional organizer? How cool! I had my own shred-fest a few years ago so I feel for you!

Ginger...cute as always!

ladyjanewriter 4/3/11, 12:46 AM  

Ha, Ginger looks how I feel during this move - How am I gonna get rid of all this CRAP?

I guess that's a hi-class problem to have, tho...

Gina Alfani 4/3/11, 1:33 AM  

awwww Ginger is so cute!!!

Lin 4/4/11, 7:39 PM  

Oh, poor Ginger!! I think she should come stay with Aunt Lin when you start messin' with the house again! I would spoil her. ;)

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