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Monday, April 11, 2011

Estroven Mommypausal Blogging

I don't know if anyone remembers when I posted the Peri-Mommy-pausal  Blog Post but it was about my years overdue Is-it-hot-in-here-to-you- GYN-appointment. Since then not much has happened beyond the normal (term loosely used) changes because as my doctor pointed out - This is normal, Tracy - and I've really tried to take that word NORMAL to heart.

 Granted I have had periods of time where to say I felt NORMAL was stretching it.

*I will admit to some hot flashes that were so visible people actually asked me if I was alright, did I need to sit down.

*And also being so tired at times; there are no words.

*And this odd humming/buzzing feeling that travels around; let's just say some places it stops are more distracting then others.

 During that appointment besides saying, No, it's not hot in here to me, eight or nine times my doctor told me a few things to try  if I got fed up with the new and improved version of normal.  All up to me.

 I have't posted about it since then because there hasn't been all that much to say.  Same day, different hot flash pretty much or....Hm.  Make that Same hot flash, different day....But when Mom Central asked if I wanted to be part of the Estroven Blog Tour I looked it up and  the ingredients listed were the things my gynecologist mentioned me trying.  

And in the back of my mind I'm thinking we are getting into the warmer months now which is the worst time for Hot Flashes.  I can have none in the winter and then have them every five minutes for hours in the summer.

Charming, I know.  

So I thought, you know - I am ready.  After I signed up I went out and bought Estroven Plus Vitimans and Minerals which by the way has 1000 mg of vitamin D and that was a big YAHOO! bonus for me because I rock the Vitamin D thing.  But check them all out here.   Or on Facebook!

There is a lot of information  to be found on the sites such as symptoms (here)  but for real about symptoms - Not every person gets all of them so don't get your panties all bunched up reading them.  Knowledge is power, right?  So just gather knowledge  and be powerful.

I've been using the Estroven for a week now and it's so weird.  I've had a few (noticeably)  good nights sleep which is so odd because I didn't think I was sleeping badly to begin with.  Which means, hm.  Either I wasn't sleeping as good as I thought or now I'm just sleeping way, way gooder.

 I am way cool with either of those scenarios. 

 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Estroven and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


lee 4/11/11, 9:33 PM  

i get that weird buzzing feeling, but it never stays in the right place long enough to do me any good, if you know what i mean!

Lin 4/11/11, 10:01 PM  

Everything is weird with my body since menopause. I have weird digestive issues, back/butt aches, hot flashes and other weird things. It's just weird to have your body betray you--almost like being pregnant. Sigh. It's great being a woman, isn't it??

Lynne 4/12/11, 10:43 AM  

just had my much overdue appt with gyn last week. Wish I'd had this info before I went! I'm waiting on my blood test result, she was checking my hormone levels and I'm going to look into Estroven. Thanks! I'd giving anything for a "good" nights sleep!

Misguided Mommy 4/12/11, 10:42 PM  

so i've run through every sleeping pill known to man...should i maybe be taking menopause meds instead...hmmmm

Babes Mami 4/13/11, 12:19 PM  

That sounds SUPER fun and like nothing I look forward to dealing with.

msc 5/18/11, 11:19 PM  

I've been taking one Estroven tablet daily for a month -- this is something fairly inexpensive that's sold over the counter, at any major drug store -- it's made a WORLD of difference for me. I would highly recommend it. (I was skeptical, but figured I'd try it as a last resort. I'm now a 'true believer.)

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