The Crazy Suburban Mom: Deal with passageway to the howling pits of Hell. Check.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deal with passageway to the howling pits of Hell. Check.

I've ignored my hideous pantry a long (LONG) time.


 Which means it got worse and worse until it was no longer technically a closet but a befouled canned-goods belching sausage dressed up as a closet for Halloween.
In all my decluttering forays I  pretended this closet wasn't there because ohmygod there was never a day I was ready to look in there much less start to deal with it on a thing by thing basis.


I didn't tell the Professional Organizer about this closet. 


Why should I tell her (rhetorical)...   I had to decrapify the Apocalypse, no mystery there.

Well Ta-da!


This morning I did it.  I don't know why....  Maybe it's because my Vitamin D levels are up.  Maybe it's the Estroven I'm taking.  Maybe spring is in the air...

The whys matter not because I can see FLOOR in there and I hadn't seen one of those for years and swear,  I thought that closet had no floor but was a bottomless passageway to the howling pits of Hell.

Who knew it was linoleum?


Maureen 4/30/11, 7:10 PM  

I have a question. Do you have a Ziploc fetish? I have a TP fetish so I recognize it! lol

Babes Mami 4/30/11, 7:13 PM  

Your pantry has always stressed me out! Now it's nice and clean!

The Crazy Suburban Mom 4/30/11, 7:26 PM  

Maureen - I used to buy them at Costco and I really dont have the room to store them. I also used to buy TP and paper towels there too :) It doesnt make sense to do that because they end up taking over so I don't do it any more. Now, I do have more room for TP then anything else - so I have more of that LOL. But as to paper towels and ziplocs I just cant do it anymore. I have two boxes left I think, in storage and two in use maybe...

Babes, UGH you and me both. Its so much better. I got rid of 4 huge garbage bags plus I freecycled stuff. Random dog biscuits and other ginger things... an extra coffee pot, a litter box... a lot of stuff

Vonlipi 4/30/11, 8:24 PM  

I was so sure you had cleaned this out ages ago! The new and improved version is so much better!

I swear I should move to Jersey and instead of Freecycling you could download your stuff to me and vice and versa! We would have so much fun cleaning or decrapping together!

Theres just life 4/30/11, 9:01 PM  

I know my pantry has a floor, the dogs get anything I put down there. My problem is I'm not sure if there are shelves in there or just crap floating in space.

That and you gotta be real quiet when you go in there so you don't start an avalanche. I think people have disappeared in there never to be seen again.

Lynette 5/1/11, 8:21 AM  

Tracy you would so hate OCD
my cabinets are in order, labels all turned store shelves. Same items together then same style of items grouped.....manic about it.

Gabriele Agustini 5/1/11, 2:34 PM  

I was going to leave a comment and then I read Lynette's and lost all train of thought!
OMG!!!! People do that?!!
I feel like such a loser now. :(
Thanks, Lynette!! ;)

The Budget Diet 5/2/11, 8:32 PM  

Next time you need motivation for pantry organizing and saving money...think about taking a week of of grocery shopping and creating meals from everything you discover in your pantry! Here's how:

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