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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

ADD Random Wednesday....

Okay, the title...  It's because I'm feeling especially unfocused today; make that lately.  I tried all day to come up with  cohesive paragraphs.  Not happening.  Today is more in a swirling format then paragraphy.

1.  I bought Slimfast meal replacement and snack bars yesterday.  The meal bars are supposed to "Control hunger for up to 4 hours".  And okay, I've been to all-you-can-eat-buffets that couldn't make that claim but...  I'll give it a shot.    I had to do something, I'm so fat my feet just went up a size and Hello! Those puppies were not petite little flowers.  If they get any bigger I'll have to shop where drag queens buy shoes.

And I am not being funny.

2.  The organizing is going well although (despite the fact that everything in the known Universe dating back to the 70's has turned up)  my Filofax binder, Lamy Joy and Cross pens are still missing.  The nausea I feel over that is significant and twisting.

3.  I'm rereading Sylvia Plath's Journals.  I don't reread a lot of things which, hmmm - Get's me thinking I really should get rid of some books but back to Sylvia -This is considered to be her unabridged journals.  Not so sure about that for a variety of reasons but this book...

...  is so worth the time it takes to read every one of it's 768 pages.   I wish there were more.  Above that it's fascinating, it's a trip into the mind of someone who knows how to describe.  Someone who takes words instead of paint and makes pictures.  

Every time I read it I feel jealous and petty and awed.

4.  And speaking of being too fat for shoes....

I can not even tell you how good this is; fudge covered potato chip clusters, salted caramel swirl in vanilla bean ice cream.    I hope they never make a light version of this because it would be wrong.

5.  My new sink arrived (Stainless, but oh well.) so this thing...


... will soon be a thing of the past.  It's so bad I can't freecycle  it.   It's the first thing around here destined to be landfill for a long, long time.


Carole Anne Carr 4/6/11, 4:59 PM  

Know what you mean about Sylvia's talent, and yes, that strange object looks as though it needs to finish it's days somewhere out of sight. :0)

Vonlipi 4/6/11, 8:55 PM  

I feel for you. You're in a very stressful phase of your life and like me you reach for the food....As much as I like my new job I go totally paranoid and first thing I know my mouth is full! I ate a bag of almonds today and felt so bad after. I hope not to gain back all I lost, sigh. It's one day at a time. Be strong my friend!

Ashly Star 4/7/11, 1:17 AM  

I love Sylvia Plath. I don't think I would ever tire of reading her.

That ice cream sounds interesting. I'll have to see if I can find some of that around here and give it a whirl.

Lynette 4/7/11, 3:02 PM  

oh oh oh oh i need that ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babes Mami 4/7/11, 9:42 PM  

I have been craving ice cream and brownies for a couple days now!

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