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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You can't unring a bell

I have a broken AT&T phone and was planning to upgrade to an iPhone (wonder of wonders, right?) only to find that AT&T no longer has a $30 unlimited data plan.

This could be a very long post because there were many calls to the AT&T retention department,Tweets with @ATTJohnathon , an email to Mark Siegel  and Seth Bloom (Unanswered. Nice.)  and trips to the Verizon store but you know what, it all added up to squat.

AT&T retention gave me a PO Box to write, @ATTJohnathon  reminded me there was a 4 gig plan and Verizon has an unlimited plan now but really .... C'mon.  The stores aren't coughing up what the papers are which is they plan on phasing out unlimited data too, in the summer.

As I said, not going to address anything expect this, Why aren't the phone makers (Hello, Apple I meant you.....) getting into this fray.  Who the heck wants a fast phone that can stream data faster then I can down burgers if I don't have an unlimited data plan because what the heck is the point?

Why have commercials for your rockin' new phones with movie watching  if watching  movies will put me over 4 gigs.

As an FYI when I was commenting about the loss of the unlimited data plan on Twitter, @ATTJohnathon came on and cheerfully told me about the 4 gig plan to which I answered  - you can't watch a movie with 4 gig and he replied -

and I replied...

and he replied...

Oh.  That's right.  He didn't reply because I guess that's not what he does...  Actually interact with customers and address problems, I mean. It was nice that you responded @ATTJohnathon but it was a huge #Fail that you stopped responding when you no longer liked what I was saying or were prepared to deal with me.  I have been a customer with AT&T since it was Cingular - That is a very long time.  Perhaps longer then you have been with them and the interaction I had with you dropped my opinion of AT&T down a notch or two.  And how sad.  How very, very sad. 

So that puts me back at why don't the phone makers care about this and why do they keep making new and better phones and why in the world should I want one?  I have a phone that's a few years old with out a back, as follows...

back of phone

It's a mess.  It quits on me.  Drops calls and is slow.  And tell me why in the world would I change it.   No really, tell me.  Almost every phone in the store besides the smart phones has the quality of a Sesame Street Elmo Phone, it's like they are phasing out everything but the smart phones yet...

You have to pay for data plans so you what with them.  Less.  The phone companies say people used them too much, well.  Um.  Forgive me but - Duh.  But saying we will then charge more is like the internet companies now going back to the 80's of AOL when you had an hourly plan.  Who would accept that.  I didn't add a question mark to the last question because the answer is no one.

For that matter who wants to go back to a limited text message plan.  You can't unring a bell here.  You can't begin limiting data, it's .... I don't know.  Ridiculous. 

What I don't get is why are the customers more annoyed then the phone makers, who it seems to me have a lot more to lose.  Apple, I'm talking to you.

People who get iPhones keep iPhones, there are a lot of benefits and related products; it's not just about cell phone service.  What I don't get is why isn't Apple fighting this fight for me. Who knows maybe @ATTJohnathon will answer Apple if they tweet him... Then again, maybe not. 


Linda @ A La Carte 3/29/11, 11:28 AM  

I am with you on this one! OMG I wanted to change my Verizon plan and they had nothing less then these huge plans for me. I can't afford that. I finally went with Virgin Mobile and an Android phone. $25/mo 300 minutes and unlimted data, text etc. No contract. So far so good.

Lynette 3/29/11, 2:16 PM  

oh no...i off to check our plan now!

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