The Crazy Suburban Mom: The Wood Fairy Godconditioner changed my table

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Wood Fairy Godconditioner changed my table

Last night I was feeling pretty frustrated with  my freecycle find.  I had four chairs that were a big mess and a table that was in two pieces. Add to that, the top looked a mess; scraggier then this picture indicates. 

new table

This morning I got out some wood polish, nothing special; just some wood conditioner I picked up once. Don't recall anything about it at the moment except it's oily and lemony.

table treated 4 

And things are looking very much better.  

table treated 5

Having to glue it's  leg back on isn't feeling much like a big deal anymore,  for real.  In fact it doesn't seem like a big deal at all.  

Holy Timber, Batman! The table looks positively dazzling at the moment and I think the  Wood Fairy  Godconditioner came and waved her magic cleaning cloth over it and changed my table into Cindertablella.  Dang.

The chairs, not so much and they remain the ugly step sisters; I think they have to go.


Lynette 3/12/11, 4:46 PM  

That is beautiful....I am still seeing an amazing desk there.

Carole Anne Carr 3/12/11, 6:25 PM  

The table is a great success, pity you can't rescue the chairs.

Lin 3/13/11, 5:22 PM  

It looks FABULOUS! Isn't it amazing what a little love can do for it. :)

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