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Friday, March 11, 2011

...vintage, mid 20th century dining room set....

I was online the other day and saw an offer come through freecycle that said something along the lines of "vintage, mid 20th century dining room set with a light stain table measures 38"wide and 54" long ( came with 2 leafs and can expand to 78" long)"and I was all over it.  I picked it up today and it's out on my deck for lack of a better place.


Now here's the front...

new table

It does come with issues and really, I don't even know if I'm able to deal with them.  I don't know the first thing about refinishing so I don't even know where to start.   First off, the finish. 

It's fair for something that's been sitting in a detached garage for decades.  But wow, something should be done to it.  What that is I have no idea. 

new table

The bottom is dirty. 

new table bottom

And a leg fell off when Ben and I were getting it up on the deck.  I sobbed a bit.  That makes me wonder about other joints - but again.   I just have no idea. 

table leg

It came with four chairs.

new chairs

All would need to be recovered not so much for the fabric choice - Which I hate -  but all seats have stains.

new chair

And at least two chairs have cracks that look structural.

chair leg

And other things that look like some sort of issue...


So at the moment they are all outside and I'm wondering if I should keep the table but not the chairs. Remember I got these from Freecycle also. 

danish modern chair

 I have four of them and while not issue free, they are not as issued as the ones I just picked up.   If I fixed up the table I could use these.  Or I could have the table refinished professionally (not keeping the matching chairs)  if it didn't cost that much - How much does that cost anyway? - and use the chairs I have because those look pretty good.

I'm not sure what to do but I have to decide quickly because everything is out on my deck and unprotected from the elements. Any thoughts?


Lindalou 3/11/11, 2:04 PM  

I don't know much about refinishing either, but I can pass on what we did with my daughter's table. She had a light wood IKEA table that had some stains. I painted it all black and she bought some inexpensive high back upholstered chairs from Overstock. Then she found a black hutch (refinished already) from Craig's List. Her dining room looks great.

Just one idea.

Lynette 3/11/11, 3:57 PM  

Not really hard to restain. Do it outside if possible as the odor is not pleasant but can be done in an afternoon. Next have you thought that would make an amazing office desk with that great arm chair you already have? Keep best two chairs and recover the seats in a accompanying fabric for clients or family to join you.

The Crazy Suburban Mom 3/11/11, 4:01 PM  

Lindalou - I'd be afraid to start with paint just because it's got some value. Its not huge in the value dept. but it would be a shame to paint it...

Lynetter - I've never done any refinishing at all. Even minor stuff. Im intimidated totally. Plus this is veneer I'm sure. That said, its good quality veneer. I don't know - I wish I had some money to have it done but I'm sure it would be over $1000

Tara Beaulieu 3/11/11, 4:34 PM  

I'm the same way- I hate to paint vintage wood, but I have no clue about staining.

I know your faith in the Depot is probably a little shaken, but you *could* sign up for one of their free weekend classes and learn how to strip and restain if you really want to preserve it and keep the costs down... Do you have a garage or basement where you can store the pieces for the time being?...

Babes Mami 3/11/11, 6:16 PM  

Staining is a project but it's not hard. You have to sand down and restain and wipe off and seal. I'm sure that Lowe's would be willing to tell you more, they may even have a class going on.

Lin 3/11/11, 10:42 PM  

I'm thinking you just need to call me before you go picking up anymore furniture that you don't have room for. ;)

Oh, and tell Ben to go back to posting--I miss his blog!

smoochies to Ginger...

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